Learning to read is a powerful skill to learn or aquire new knoweldge. It is a long process and takes years of practice to become proficient. Reading is the process of seeing printed or written symbols, identifying them and then assigning meaning to them. In order to read well a person must have access to many different brain functions and have a some degree of coodination.  For instance, many people overlook the vestibular system when it comes to reading problems. Beofore the eyes can begin to gather the contrast of black and white from a printed page, they need to be comfortable in a horozontal position. 

Another function that is often overlooked is pupilary dilation. Have you ever tried to read when it's dark? It can be done but it's not pleasant and most people will instincively turn on a light. What if it didn't matter how light it was in the room your pupils weren't regulating the light?