Don't Let the FLU Scare You

Don't Let the FLU Scare You

There's been a lot of talk about the flu lately. Lots of scary news. Lots of push to get the flu shot.

Please know that I have no attachment to whether or not you go the route of western medicine or something else. I simply wish to share with you my experience and the protocol I use to stay healthy.

Also know that I do get 'sick' sometimes, but that dis-ease comes with an awareness that my body has brilliant strategies kicking into action to defeat any invading bugs. Fever is my friend as it creates a hostile environment for bacteria and viruses. This is one reason I spend more time on the BioMat when I'm fighting something. You can learn more about what a BioMat does for you here.

So let's say I wake up with a sore throat. First thing I do is put a drop or two of OnGuard essential oil in 2 TBL of water and gargle with it. You can swallow it. Then I swallow anOnGuard+ Capsule, and I take another one every hour or two until I feel back to normal. My body usually askes for less food, sticking with vegetable soups or broths, lots of water and hot tea. I add 2 drops of Lemon essential oil to my water and sometimes a drop of Wild Orange.  Ginger and Lemon oils with a bit of honey in my hot tea can help ease a sore throat or cough. Remember - your body is doing it's best to heal. A runny nose is a symptom of detox and nothing to panic about. Keep you body warm, rest as much as possible, drink lots of fluids and please stay home so you don't infect others.

If you develop a cough, in addition to the above, use Breathe Essentail oil diluted with a bit of coconut oil directly on the chest and upper back. You can also get Breathe in a vapor stick, in Breathe Touch (roll on) and in lozenges. I would add Oregano oil to the bottom of the feet several times a day. Oregano is a very powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral essential oil. Dilute it or use the Touch Oil for children.  For croupy coughs, Thyme has been my go-to for years. I make a Thyme and Ginger tea in large quantities and drink it all day long. You can use fresh or dried herbs - 1 TBL per quart boilded then strained. Add lemon and honey.  If using essential oils, simply heat the water, add 1 drop each Thyme, Ginger, Lemon and a bit of honey to your mug, then fill with hot water, stir and sip. Continue this until the cough has cleared.

During cold and flu season, you would be wise to make OnGuard a part of your daily practice. You can pop the OnGuard Beadlets any time of day (swallow or bite them for a burst of flavor). Use the OnGuard Spray to sanitize hands, shopping carts, restaurant tables, steering wheels, etc. Use OnGuard concentrate to keep your home germ free and OnGuard foaming hand washby every sink. Be sure to keep OnGuard+ in the medicine cabinet for when you need extra support.

I hope this has helped you feel less afraid of the flu. It's just a bug and you are an Infinite Being! You are so much more powerful. Remember that the only thing that can truly hurt you is FEAR. Don't let all those scare tactics get you. You are too powerful for that.

Enjoy this beautiful time of transition as Mother Nature rests and replenishes. Give yourself time to do the same. Open your windows when you can to fill your home with healing fresh air and get outdoors every day.


I wish you a beautiful, healthy and joy filled winter.

Namaste ~