Tips to Eating Less: Pick Your Friends Wisely!

Tips to Eating Less: Pick Your Friends Wisely!

Watch out whom you hang out with and ultimately share a meal with. Not only do couples begin to resemble each other often we start to look like our best friends. If you have heavy-set buddies the more likely you too will lean towards being curvy.

If you’re meeting up with friends for dinner, keep the invite list to a minimum. Dining with one companion, you’ll likely consume about 35 percent more food than if you ate alone. So true!! It gets even worse if your dining with seven or more pals you could devour as much as 96 percent more food. That’s nearly twice as much food in one sitting! That’s because you keep pace with your friends, you may order more, eat more, and eat faster. Remember you start to feel satisfied at about 15 minutes regardless of how much you have eaten. The slower you eat, the less food it will take to fill full.

Not only do your friends have an impact on how much you may consume at a meal but the wait staff at the restaurant does as well. The girth of your server can influence if you have dessert or even a second cocktail. The heavier the waitress, the more likely you’ll treat yourself. An average-weight waiter you are less likely to indulge. No matter if this done consciously or not, comparing yourself to someone who is larger gives you a ‘license to eat.’

I have gathered from the studies; it’s best to dine alone with a thin server! If you pick a restaurant with dimmed lightening, it will help you not to overindulge. A darkened atmosphere creates a calming environment that encourages you to slow down and pay attention to your food. Shining lights prod you to faster and eat more – think about brightly lite fast food joints. The same holds true with music. The quicker and jolting the tunes the faster you’re going to eat. Slow melodic music will help you slow down, relax and savor what you’re eating.

If you’re entertaining guests in your home or feeding your brood, you are likely to eat 25 to 30 percent less if the food is served from the stovetop as opposed to the same food served family style at the table. When foodstuff is piled on serving dishes on the table, it’s easy to reach for seconds. Having to get up for seconds you can pause and ask yourself are you still hungry? Alternatively, it will give you just enough time to get distracted by the conversation, and you may forget about a second helping.

Sharing a meal with family and friends is one of the biggest joys in life. The more self-aware you are, the better you are going to eat. So just for kicks, surround yourself with fit and healthy people, and you may start to resemble them on your way to better health.