Ajo Matakaeyasin!

It’s almost unbelievable that it’s been over 21 years since my first inipi ceremony (aka sacred sweat lodge).  I was very much into the ritual of cleansing my heart, body, mind and spirit.  I learned much and the number one lesson I carry with me everyday is the concept of Matakaeyasin.  I will do my best to transpose this Lakota word and concept.  As it was taught to me, it means “revere all my relationships” some say “to all my relations”. To me it’s the reminder that I am in constant relationship to everything around me…people, things, clients, friends, family, rocks, birds, animals, fish….Everything that Great Spirit (Yahweh) put on our Mother Earth…and how I relate to it / treat it will have a ripple affect on my and others lives.  Think about dominos or skipping rocks in a pond…small waves ripple in all directions much like sound travels.

Have you ever witnessed someone yelling angrily…no matter where you were in proximity, you sensed the discord or energy of discontent, it may even trigger fear or anger in you. Ever hear someone speaking kindly and gently to someone, sharing their love for someone…even if its not about you, it can nurture and warm your heart.

This concept resonates in my being. Probably most potent in my life due to the heightened awareness that I have come to know. It has made me aware of how my words and actions affect others. Every day, in every moment, I do my best to emanate my energy in a way that is compassionate and kind to those around me. Animals and humans usually feel it and I do my best to stay far from those that want to hurt me.

Of course, to error is human and there are moments that I misfire and unintentionally upset someone…but I always seek clarity and do my best to communicate and right a situation. As you may suspect, the sooner (you right the situation) the better to reduce affects of stress on all parties involved...and to those that love them.

Have you ever been upset then overreacted, then the person who heard you blew up at someone else...and so on. This domino effect has the potentional to spoil many people's day. Just by slowing down and being conscious of how you respond to people and situations can truly increase or decrease stress, anxiety and reasons for guilt depression or triggering addictive behavioral patterns.  

I spent so much of my childhood angry, hurt, sad and depressed because I didn’t understand why I was treated a certain way and had little confidence in expressing myself.  The knowledge of Matakaeyasin gave me the foundation to relate in a healthier way.

About 14 year’s ago, I adopted a new mission in life: “to help eliminate unnecessary stress and educate others that are willing and ready to learn how to do such”.

In 2012, I came upon another holistic methodology of healing emotional trauma and mental wounds. Neuro Linguistics became my passion to know in depth. Not only did I become certified to do Breakthoughs and help people clear symptoms of depression and PTSD, but I also became a Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP).  Mind you, the term ‘programming’ used here is referring to remodeling the language and behavioral patterns that are no longer serving you. Much like a computer program that crashes, you want to reinstall one that now works in your present environment. 

I don’t control anyone’s mind but my own. I love teaching people how to empower themselves to have mind mastery and be in control of their emotional states and habits. 

As I was laying in bed tonight it dawned on me that  Matakaeyasin and NLP have something very important in common: relationships.  In NLP, we are either working with developing rapport with other people or ourselves (intuition, sub(un)conscious, conscious, higher power, spirit).  The more rapport we develop, the stronger the relationship and the better chance of having clarity and healthy outcomes.   

If you are interested in creating deeper, stronger, healthier relationships with your self, your family, friends, co workers or even your boss, message me to sign up for my “Rapport skills” class. It's a sure fire, fun way to develop confidence in relating.

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