Moving Mountains With Your Tears

Moving Mountains With Your Tears

Crying is healthy. You are releasing all that is weighing you down. It is an emotional workout where you are exercising your “letting go” muscles to become more authentically you. Think about how light and shifted you feel after crying, it’s as if someone just turned a light on revealing the newness of who you have just become.

Processing takes time, sometimes years, sometimes lifetimes. There could be periods where you cry daily and if that's what you need then so be it. It will evolve. It will come in waves, rising and receding with the tides as you peal back the layers of who you once were.

Emotional Processing can feel like this thing you're sitting through, waiting to pass, but this is the work, this is what it means to live and it's powerful. It's life’s education before you step forward fully and authentically, untethered from the past, successful in who you've become.

When you cry and process the stories of your life, you are doing so much more than what you see of yourself. You are causing ripples of change that are exponential on levels you can't even imagine. While so many others out there are trying to keep face and avoid the stirrings they feel inside, thinking it will all just take care of itself, but it doesn’t work that way. Time doesn’t heal wounds, but feeling into them does.

Humans are particularly good at compartmentalizing their emotional experiences in their psyches. We create walls so thick you might think there’s nothing there to feel, yet a sensitive person will pick up on these walls and feel them deeply. They will sense that something is missing, or off-putting and inauthentic about the individual. They will feel something they can't quite put their finger on because any kind of emotional barrier will act as a filter that distorts how a person represents themselves. Who they see will be a distorted version of that person, but who they really are is hurt and still hiding inside. It's important to trust your instincts and never dismiss a hunch about a person. These hunches are signals that something is wrong, without giving way to the hidden details that may be festering beneath the surface.

If you think you are not one to cry, you might look at what part of you is holding it all together and let them off duty once in awhile. Tears will always find a way to make their journey, but if they’ve been repressed, they may not look like tears when they come out, for they have had time to cook, and morph into the physical version of what you fear.

When you think about your dreams and desires, take a moment to look at what stands between you and your ideal life and make the process of getting there an emotional one so that when the walls fall away you will realize you are already there. You can build all the courage you can muster to make the life you want, but unless you are courageous enough to be vulnerable to what’s inside, what you build will never be enough.

It doesn’t take strength to be yourself, it takes being you to be strong. In all your effort to be what others approve of, this will only bring you further from who you want to be. When you look back on your life, you will regret your time spent not recognizing yourself and what hurt you enough to want to hide if you don't take the initiative to address it now. You will see that your legacy is not in what you built externally but in what you dismantled internally.

While you are quietly, and sometimes not so quietly, gently moving mountains with your tears, you will feel the weight lift. Carving pathways through stone. Smoothing rough surfaces with raging rivers. Your tears will find a way through the cracks and will break through what seemed impermeable. Walls may come crashing down. It may look ugly and unwanted, but you will rise to see your true authenticity and there is no greater accomplishment than this.

So cry away my dear... cry away...