Ethics of Surrogate Tapping

Ethics of Surrogate Tapping

To surrogately tap without permission or not to, that is the ethical question.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Surrogate Tapping, it is a form of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) where we use EFT / Tapping on ourselves while thinking about a person in need of assistance. To learn more about EFT, you can visit my website Surrogate Tapping is a form of energy work done surrogately for another person. 

I was booked to give a talk on "Surrogate Tapping" at an energy event last fall.  It was a two day event and I was going on the second day.  The first woman who presented was presenting on the Emotion Code and brought up the topic of the ethics of doing energy work for others.  She was very clear that under no circumstances is it acceptable without express permission, or the permission of a parent, in a case of a child.

The weekend conference had a theme of birth/rebirth.  My presentation was to do surrogate tapping for women delivering babies in the nearby hospital.  I did not have permission.  My plan was to talk about surrogate tapping and then to do some real time tapping for the women in the delivery room.  But now I was reconsidering my plan. During the first day, I spoke to different EFT practitioners and asked them their perspectives on the ethics of surrogate tapping.  It became clear to me that there were strong opinions on the matter and I would likely upset a portion of the room if I proceeded without permission. 

I ended up shifting gears and reaching out to a friend who was pregnant and got her permission to use her and her baby as a demo for the presentation. To read more about that, check out my blog "Power of Surrogate Tapping".  It turned out AMAZING! I am ever grateful for the woman who went on first and for the opportunity to learn from so many people their perspectives on the ethics of energy work.  The purpose of this article is not to sway you on any belief of the topic, but instead to pose the different perspectives that I encountered that wonderful weekend.  Maybe you will find a new perspective that resonates with you. These were the four main beliefs that I encountered: 

1. It is not our place to meddle or try to "fix" anyone unless they want our help. Therefor, it is a strong no on surrogate tapping without permission. 

2. Prayer is on the same wavelength of surrogate tapping.  If you don't feel you need to ask permission to pray for someone then the same goes for surrogate tapping. 

3. You could ask the person's angel/higher power/spirit for permission. You could use a pendulum or some other form of energetically receiving an answer. 

4. The surrogate tapping will only work if it is for the person's highest good. If it is not in their best interest, then it simply will do nothing. If it is for their highest good then they will feel the benefits. 

Personally, I tend to be of the number 4 belief.  However, I am very selective on who I surrogately tap for and I do prefer to receive permission before hand.  The majority of my surrogate tapping is for my family or if a friend puts out a request for surrogate support. I can say from my own personal experience that only twice have I found the surrogate tapping to not have an effect.  Both times it was for my son.  He was going through a struggle with school and I tried to tap twice for him. It was clear that the situation was not going to be helped with the tapping.  It was a situation that called for other resources and it for me supported the idea that it would not help unless it was for the highest good. 

As for you and for your beliefs, ideas, perspectives, you must follow your own guidance. I encourage you to reach out to me with your perspectives on the topic [email protected]  

As always, 

Infinite Blessings

~Lori Lamont