RhythmLife Psychotherapy on EFT: Finally a Research-Supported User-Friendly Technique!

Would you like to learn a method that can help you daily with emotional ups and downs and negative thoughts? One that can have an additional side benefit of improving physical symptoms as well? One that can make a difference in a matter of as little as a couple of minutes?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can become your go-to, and being user-friendly and very versatile, it is poised to be the wave of the future. Scientific research has already demonstrated multiple times how EFT can be extremely successful at addressing mental and physical health issues, often with fewer sessions.

As an example, when compared to CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), a widely accepted evidence-based mental health treatment for anxiety, EFT tapping was found in a 5000 patient study to result in 93% of patients having some improvement to complete remission, while CBT resulted in only 53% of these types of outcomes. Additionally, the number of sessions needed to achieve these results was 3 for the tapping, versus 15 sessions required for CBT to yield its less successful result (Andrade, & Feinstein, 2004).

Later studies showed respectively that only 1 session (Church, 2013) or 6 sessions (Church, D., Geronilla, L., & Dinter, 2009; Geronilla et al, 2016), of EFT were needed to demonstrate a significant reduction in PTSD symptoms, versus the recommended 12-18 sessions for an accepted evidence-based technique such as CBT (Stapleton, P., Energy Psychology: Research Update, 2018).