Ripple Effect of Personal Work

Six years ago, I tapped while sitting in a car on an issue I had with a person at my dentist office.  I tapped for all of 15 minutes, sitting in a parking lot with lots of people looking at me like I was crazy. To learn more about tapping/EFT

In those 15 minutes, I shifted my perception from anger and frustration to appreciation and love.  That alone was pretty cool. But, what happened three days later is what many would call a miracle.  

Three days later, I took my daughter to the dentist. All her life, she suffered from severe anxiety with the dentist, needing gas for most visits. On this particular day, she was ABSOLUTELY fine. Dare I say she actually enjoyed the visit!  In fact, here we are 6 years, a few cavities, one palete expander and braces later and she STILL is fine with going to the dentist. 

It became abundantly clear that when I changed my perception, thoughts, emotions, energy and vibration about that person and the entire dentist office, there was a ripple effect, shifting my daughter's perception, energy and vibration of the same office.   

Many things came as a result of those 15 minutes I spent tapping in that parking lot. 

Because I realized that shifting my energy around issues had the power to help my family, I got trained and certified in EFT. 

I opened an EFT practice, helping countless people address fears, emotional eating, relationship and abundance issues.  My clients also felt a ripple effect when they shifted their vibrations on an issue. 

I began speaking about the power of EFT and how you can tap into your spirit as well as heal your crap. 

I learned SO much about myself and about EFT it is astounding.  

Last year I began experimenting with surrogate EFT in my home and had remarkable results. Surrogate EFT is when you tap on yourself but are focused on someone else and essentially tapping for them surrogately. We are all connected energetically. Again, I see this as another form of the ripple effect.  When there is a child upset, shut away in their room, I simply go to my room and tap for a few minutes focusing on that child. Just like Superman going to the telephone booth to change into a superhero, I go to my room and tap into my EFT-Mom-Super-Power.  Within a few minutes, the upset child is feeling better, open to talking, feeling a shift in energy.  

The more I experimented, the more I knew I was onto something. So, I started sharing this with the world in talks, workshops and with my clients. I can now confidently say that this shit works!  If you are a mom and want to add another super-power to your tool box, reach out to me.  I LOVE sharing this with other mothers! Feel free to reach out to me to learn how YOU can use this too!

As always,

Infinite Blessings,

~Lori Lamont