Be Happy and Fulfilled with Expansive Emotional Energy

Be Happy and Fulfilled with Expansive Emotional Energy

Imagine for a moment… you are just entering a hotel ballroom for a work conference dinner. You are searching for your team and table. You notice most of your team at the assigned table however, the boss and your project manager are across the room near the bar having a cocktail. You immediately assume the worst. What are they saying? Are they talking about you? Did you do something wrong? You find yourself off balance, heart racing, sick to your stomach. Your reaction ruins your evening. Can you relate?

Have you ever…

·       reacted in the heat of the moment rather than responding thoughtfully?

·       felt withdrawn and hemmed in rather than open and courageous?

·       allowed negative past events to shadow your present life instead of rising above and growing?

The KEY is Emotional Energy

In and of itself, emotional energy is neutral – neither good nor bad.  But when the emotional energy is aligned with a feeling or emotional response, it then makes a specific emotion expansive (positive) or contractive (negative).

Expansive feelings are higher frequencies such as joy, happiness, serenity, understanding, and forgiveness. Contractive feelings are lower frequencies such as blame, anxiety, guilt, anger, and grief.

A low emotional energy state opens to door to a life filled with contractive feelings.

Mira Kirshenbaum, a psychotherapist and researcher, reported in her book, The Emotional Energy Factor, that based on data from the National Institutes of Health, one in eight adults is living in a chronic low- energy state.

Now, you may be thinking about things like lack of sleep or poor diet leading to this low energy crisis. However, Kirshenbaum’s research revealed that physical energy can supply, at most, 30 percent of one’s total energy.

The remaining 70 percent of the energy needed must come from emotional energy!

“We need complete energy — an energetic mind and heart and soul in an energetic body,” Kirshenbaum concludes.

She continues, “You’re not just a body. Emotional energy is an aliveness of the mind, a happiness of the heart, and a spirit filled with hope.”

And most important of all, Kirshenbaum explains, "Unlike physical energy, which runs down as we get older, emotional energy can increase the more you learn what works best for you.”


To fill up your Emotional Energy reserves, you must figure out what is draining them!

Emotional energy drains are commonly found in …

  • stressful life situations
  • toxic people
  • self-sabotaging habits of mind and
  • unsupportive beliefs from childhood rearing

Rather than ignoring or avoiding Emotional Energy Drains, our objective is to explore embracing life’s challenges with emotional intelligence to stop the drama and live a centered and balanced steady state, powered by balanced emotional energy.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Vibrational Change® Coaching empower you to address any one or all of these Emotional Energy Drains. Please call (737) 204-1884 for a complimentary consultation.