Presence and Gratitude

Presence and Gratitude

Visiting my sister and her family in Kauai has been such a blessing to me this past week because, well.. they live in Hawai'i🙆🌸, but most importantly, since I see them once a year or so, it's important that I truly am present and cherish my time with them. 

Well... This week I learned how challenging practicing presence and gratitude realistically is in daily life with 4 kids ages 4 and under. How do they do it?! 🤦 

For someone who teaches the importance of mindfulness, meditation, shifting perspectives, and self-care, I found it very difficult to put these things into practice with so many people- little and big- demanding time and attention. 

However, after moments of feeling exhausted or frustrated, I was quickly reminded why maintaining at least a little bit of dedicated time for self-care practice is so necessary. 

I decided to wake up earlier and go for morning runs. This time to myself was both meditative and restorative. I found that I had more tolerance and energy for the demands during the day. 

Life can pull us in so many directions with all its 'little hands'. It's easy to fall into the cycle of allowing the demands of Life to pull us apart at the seams. 

Do you value your self- your mental, emotional, and physical health enough to take a little time each day to stay in touch with yourself and your well-being? 

I love that the wellness centers I practice at #NAOWellness and #OmmmangoWellness feel like relaxing havens🌿 away from the hustle of the city.

Call or email me for a little R&R with Reiki, Healing Touch, Auriculotherapy or life wellness coaching and get your summer of self-care on! ☀🙌

The world needs you whole. You need you whole.💞