Solar Flares, Planetary Evolution, & You

Solar Flares, Planetary Evolution, & You

Have you been curious about the increased levels of solar flares these past few years? Do you find yourself feeling particularly sensitive to solar flare activity

Ancient sages, shamans and yogis predicted that we will see much solar activity during the transition from the piscean age to the aquarian age which has been occurring since the turn of the 21st century. The vedic scriptures describe light as a source of purification, information and connection to brahmin, the “one”- the impersonal divine reality of the universe, from which all being originates and to which it returns

“… in the beginning brahman was all this. He was one, and infinite; infinite in the east, infinite in the south, infinite in the west, infinite in the north, above and below and everywhere infinite. East and the other regions do not exist for him, nor across, nor below, nor above. The highest self is not to be fixed, he is unlimited, unborn, not to be reasoned about, not to be conceived. He is like the ether (everywhere), and at the destruction of the universe, he alone is awake. Thus from that ether he wakes all this world, which consists of thought only, and by him alone is all this meditated on, and in him it is dissolved. His is that luminous form which shines in the sun, and the manifold light in the smokeless fire, and the heat which in the stomach digests the food.knows this becomes one with the one.”  Pg. 318,  chapter 12: maitrayana-brahmana-upanishad, translated  by f. Max muller, 1884

Just as solar flares from the earth’s sun  affect the magnetic field of the earth, they also affect humans primarily at our solar plexus, midway between the navel and bottom ribs in the region of the stomach. Solar plexus literally translates as the “network of nerves that acts as  the sun”. Every human is designed with our very own little sun that is being “flared up” every time the earth’s sun flares, and this give us each a chance to purify ourselves so that we can more deeply connect with our divine self. Each solar flare brings forth more of our buried emotions and traumas  that have been stored in the cells of our body so we can feel and process through them thus receiving insight and information about our “self” and how it sabotages our connection to our “self”.

Feelings that seem to come “out of nowhere” are actually unresolved emotions and traumas from this life and past lives breaking through into our consciousness so that we may evolve and upgrade our nervous system to handle higher vibrational frequencies of solar energy that is part of the conscious evolution of our planet, solar system, galaxy and cosmos. Unfortunately, it often does not feel like this is a blessed opportunity as solar flare symptoms make our physical body very uncomfortable!

As lower vibrational emotional trauma is released our nervous system is simultaneously assaulted by the incoming higher frequencies of solar flare energy. Typical symptoms of solar flare activity are:

  • Feeling nervous and jittery  
  • Feeling surges of heat, or sudden chills  
  • Feeling dizzy and spacey,  
  • Feeling irritable and easily annoyed
  • Feeling fearful and anxious, leading to insomnia
  • Headaches and feeling pressure in the head
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Heart racing and/or out of breath/hyperventilating
  • Feeling emotions and crying easily
  • Short term memory loss
  • Ringing in the ears

With the right tools, however, solar flares are an opportunity for each of us to expand our human consciousness in a profound, beautiful way: 

“in the stomach there will be a light. The heart center will light up. All people will be kind, compassionate and enlightened. People will become intuitive. You are all going to learn from the navel point, because the navel point will become the third eye!”   ~ yogi bhajan

Yogi bhajan taught a simple kriya (set of actions) to assist our body/mind in releasing emotional toxins to clear and renew our physiology by strengthening our nervous system and transmuting the unresolved “commotional” energy at the solar plexus.

Kundalini yoga meditation to separate thought from emotions

This meditation will offset the effects of the solar flares by capturing and transmuting the energy while stimulating our pituitary gland  to assist us in navigating through life with more ease.  Anger is a catalyst for change….use the feeling of anger or frustration as fuel for transformation by transmuting its energy with your hands at your solar plexus.

Tune in

Sit erect with eyes closed, hands in prayer mudra, thumbs touching sternum. Chant the adi mantra 3 times: "ong nam guru dev namo, ong namo guru dev namo, ong namo guru dev namo"


Place hands on calves and flex spine forward and back, keeping chin level. (1-2 min)

  • Inhale spine flexes forward, exhale spine flexes back

Place hands on knees and circle ribcage cw around base of spine (1 min)  repeat ccw.

  • Inhale as ribcage circles across front, exhale as ribcage circles across back.

Place hands on shoulders, thumbs point behind and elbows point out to sides. Twist torso right and left from base of spine. (1-2 min)

  • Inhale twisting left, exhale twisting right

Stretch arms and hands up above head, inhale and hold breath in briefly – then exhale and begin moving your arms, head, ribcage and spine anyway that feels good! (1 min)


With eyes closed, rhythmically repeat the following 4 hand positions, holding each position for 1 second, for a total of 11 minutes, breathing through nose. (suggested music: firesong by kevin macleod or shiva shambo by girish)

1. Palms face each other as if holding a ball of light

2. R hand/arm reaches up, l arm elbow bent with l hand open in front of waist.

3. “air clap” r hand diagonally down toward l hand without touching.

4. Flip hands so l hand is on top with r hand below at solar plexus, palms facing but not touching.

To end

Inhale deeply, press palms together in front of heart hold breath 10 counts while squeezing the hands and all the muscles, exhale through open mouth. Repeat 2 more times. Sit quietly to observe the effects of the kriya, breathing through your nose, for 1-2 minutes.