The Crisis of the Empty Nest

The Crisis of the Empty Nest

The decision of our children left home to go to study in another city or country is difficult for parents and even if they do not, also for teenagers. The enthusiasm for this new stage, for them means a change that requires a transition and adaptation.

The experience is intense for our children and for parents who face for the first time, referred to by psychologists, “empty nest crisis”.

When children leave home, usually a complicated life of the couple moment. Sometimes it can develop the so-called empty nest syndrome. Parents find themselves alone after many years caring for their children. The emotions they experience are usually sadness, loneliness, and emptiness.

The sense of uncertainty, as if life lost its meaning, sometimes difficult to accept. The good news is that all this is temporary and all it takes is time for the adaptation process. Furthermore, these emotions are normal mix with other positive, such as the satisfaction of your child to study, it becomes more independent and start living new experiences.

It is at this time, when often we see couples conflicts and disagreements, produced perhaps because despite being many years together not enough known to learn to live alone as a couple. If this happens do not hesitate to seek psychological help.