Why is energy medicine and using the auric field for healing illness one of the next stages of our evolution in medicine?

1. Seeing and perceiving the auric field shows what is happening on unresolved levels.

2. Seeing and perceiving the auric field also gives insight into where a person excels and

    highlights how they heal.

3. The ability to see and understand what is appearing in the auric field provides insight into

    motivation and residual energy required for true and deep healing.

4. Seeing and perceiving the auric field and understanding its meaning gets to core issues the person

    may have forgotten or denied.

5. Seeing the energy in the auric field is considered a preventative modality that allows the person to

    address issues before they become physical.

6. Physical and mental illness is apparent in the energy field before it manifests in the

    physical body!

7. Seeing the energy of the auric field and understanding the colors and their location, and what 

    they represent gives the opportunity for long-lasting health, release from haunting issues to

    greater opportunities.

See images of the auric field and
Check out the Fields of Light Trailer here https://twi.education/free-resources.html (Copy and Paste in your browser).

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at Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/222278232

The Fields of Light Trailer; The Auric Field and Chakras is an introduction to the video, Fields of Light. The content for the video, Fields of Light is taken from the eCourses, Spiritual Awakening, Intuition Evolution® and the Energy Medicine Trilogy, 

Book 2,

Energy Medicine Primer, Awakening the Science of the Auric Field and Chakras and

Book 3,

Fields of Light, 65 Vivid Images and Descriptions of the Auric Field, Chakras & Mental, Emotional & Physical Relationships.