Kirlian Photography, an Energy Emission Assessment

Kirlian Photography, an Energy Emission Assessment

Energetic Emission Analysis

The Energetic Emission Analysis, abbreviated as EEA, is our central method of holistic diagnosis. It is conclusive, reproducible and based on simple physics. In four steps it assists us in treating the patient individually.


Exact holistic diagnostic statements even in regard to not yet noticeable physical challenges.


Recognition of the connections between symptom and cause.


Definite cues about the necessary therapeutic measures.


Immediate feedback about the effect of the applied therapy.

The holistic diagnostic instrument that Peter Mandel has designed is based on the discoveries of the Russian researcher couple Kirlian around 1936. The approach is pure physics: Every living organism discharges electrical impulses. With the refined EEA device the tips of the fingers and toes are brought to an energetic discharge. These natural discharges then become visible in an image. We are looking at 2 x 10 corona shaped discharges, which become the basis for any diagnosis. Now competence, experience and open-mindedness are called for in the dialogue between therapist and patient. The “landscape” represented by these emissions needs to be decoded. We are opening causal chains, are taking genetic predispositions into account and are compiling all the information into holistic findings.
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In the age of the world wide web many things can be read about the topic of “Kirlian photography”. All we know is that Peter Mandel has taken more than 1 million photos in over 40 years. From the relationships between the ultra-weak light emissions and the individual condition of the “photographed” patient he then developed our central system of diagnosis.

In the best sense “Kirlian photography” is a photography of nature. As a result of the electric field strength gases, like air, get ionized and then discharge. The tips of fingers and toes are basically luminescent channels of discharge. The EEA device that Peter Mandel has created works similarly: In a darkened room there is a metal plate. On top of it there is an insulator, like for instance a thin ceramic tile. On top of the insulating tile the film is fixated, with its photosensitive side towards the top. The object to be photographed is placed on the film. It can be a leaf or a human being or only the tips of his fingers and toes. Depending on the required duration of exposure the electrical tension is applied for fractions of a second (about 100 µs). A corona shaped discharge shows up around the object.

Back to the present.

The 2 x 10 corona shaped discharges, which are then visible on the photographic paper, each have a unique, completely individual characteristic. This is where the real work of Esogetic Holistic Medicine or more precisely of our therapists starts. How exactly can this be read? What does it mean?

To remind you: Peter Mandel always proceeds empirically. That means he is observing something obvious, creates correlations and is examining his assumptions in any new and similar situation. Quote by Peter Mandel: “If I notice something 10 or 20 times as a phenomenon, then I have to say it can be coincidence. If I notice it 4000 times, then there has to be some validity there.” We do not have anything to add to that statement. Except: We are looking towards the future with unbridled optimism and are not seeing any contradiction in the observation of phenomena and their scientific lack of explanation. On our part we would like to keep working for your health.
Establishing relationships between signs.
Since the early seventies of the last century Peter Mandel has developed a complex and enormously multilayered method to read the emissions. Nowadays several thousand therapists are providing hundreds of highly individualized therapeutic protocols according to exactly this system every day. The ensuing treatments and the following recursive refinements and corrections are pleasing people around the globe.
Health and Family History
Each holistic diagnosis encompasses an extensive anamnesis conversation, in which we pay particular attention to the family anamnesis. We have been observing that there is a really strong correlation between health challenges and social, familial and generation transcending conflict situations. By using the holistic diagnostic systems of Esogetic Holistic Medicine we are able to clear a path through the “masks” that have arisen over the course of time. We are looking for the original causes.
Visual Diagnosis

The perception and recognition of the other are some of the most important prerequisites for the profession of a therapist. In the field of iris diagnosis for instance the iris and the sclera (white of the eye) are the primary focus. We are attempting to use the genetically given phenomena of the eye and especially the iris for our holistic diagnosis, while including all the reflex areas of the individual. We are also calling this the “indicator diagnosis”, because the clinical patient’s findings are often validated through the exact anamneses and the list of complaints. It is always important to recognize dispositions and weaknesses early on in the preliminary stages of symptoms and diseases.
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For us the central carrier of the signs is primarily the skin. Thus Esogetic Holistic Medicine has taken on the task to decode this information. It is then assigned to certain internal processes, and interpreted within the trinity of life – spirit-soul-body. When an approach to the troubled place can be found through this route, then appropriate therapeutic media can easily be found to transport “neutral reflexes” towards that individual disruption. The responses to such measures are often reactions that the patient can notice. In Esogetic Holistic Medicine we look at these reactions as “symbols”. They are providing the therapist with excellent clues about the individuality of the treated patient.

Peter Mandel refers to the meaning of the term “Visual Diagnosis”and how his teacher Dr. Anton Markgraf designed it. In his eight volume work “The Genetic Information of Visual Diagnosis” Dr. Anton Markgraf shows the connection between manifest phenomena and functional disruptions and diseases. Peter Mandel and thus Esogetic Holistic Medicine learned from him to gain orientation from the reflex zones of the skin.

The Essential Methods of Diagnosis and Therapy.

In general Esogetic Holistic Medicine is based in empirical knowledge. That means we are observing what works. In order to do so we are creating new procedural combinations and keep observing. We have more than 200 protocols, which are effective by themselves or can be used in useful combinations. And: They can also be connected to other existing media of diagnosis and therapy that are outside of Esogetic Holistic Medicine. As an introduction: these are our most frequently used methods.

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