Reiki For Fitness And Athletic Performance

Reiki For Fitness And Athletic Performance

Competitive athletes know the benefits of mental focus and clarity for their physical performance. Many engage in practices like meditation to help them concentrate during games and competitions, and to manage pain from injuries or strains. Have you ever tried reiki to do the same?

Reiki is a touch therapy that promotes stress reduction and relaxation by bringing more life force energy to the receiver. Receiving this energy can provide mental benefits similar to taking a yoga class or doing a really focused meditation, benefiting you on the mental and physical levels, but usually in a much deeper and more strongly felt way. Because it’s relaxing, reiki can support workout recovery or aid the healing of injuries. And, the boost of chi may contribute to improved energy levels, like drinking a cup of ethereal coffee.

It's not uncommon for people to report that reiki prior to a workout makes them feel more energetic and mentally sharp. Receiving reiki energy during a workout recovery period can help reduce muscle pain and tightness.

“I went to Mary for reiki due to general aches and pains associated with a pretty demanding workout schedule. I lift heavy weights 4 or 5 days a week and run the days that I don’t. This obviously results in a lot of soreness and muscle tension. I would go to Mary with strained muscles or soreness and the tension would typically be vastly improved afterwards, I’d feel relaxed, and most of the time feel stronger in my workouts the next day.” — TOBY R.

We in the reiki world often talk about how reiki works for your highest good. Why do we say that? Honestly, it’s a nice way of reminding people that the exact outcome of a reiki session can’t be promised. What your conscious mind wants and what your highest good is in a given moment aren’t always the same. Reiki can help you get them aligned for better results, though.

I’ll give you an example: A while back, I got reiki after spraining my ankle. I was on vacation, and I had plans to go hiking that day. I had hoped that reiki would make that possible. After the reiki session, my ankle was considerably easier to walk on. But it wasn't recovered quite enough to walk on for several hours. There was to be no hiking that day. Instead, what I felt most compelled to do was go back to my bed and take a nap, because that was apparently what my body needed most to recover. I did, and the next day the ankle was hike-ready, and I was well-rested for the trek.

Reiki works directly on the energy system in a way that not all self-care and recovery practices do, and it can contribute to a profound ability to more deeply relax and recover. By bringing more chi into your system, you give yourself a direct boost of energy and support your body’s ability to heal and perform optimally.


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