The Dance to Healthy, Happy & Harmonious Friendships

The Dance to Healthy, Happy & Harmonious Friendships

Our circle of friends is important.

Friendships bring us into unique dance with one together.
The stage is set by agreement, coincidence or sheer happenstance.

Friendships vary in closeness and role within our lives.
They begin as a casual introduction…  sometimes blossoming into more.

It’s important to note that we’re all seeking the same things:

  • Someone reliable and trustworthy.
  • Someone who accepts and validates us.
  • Someone who supports us through struggles.
  • Someone who cares and love in their own unique way way.
  • Someone who brings vitality, stability and balance into our life.

There are energy dynamics within any dance with another person.  There are reasons for the dance. There is purpose, and there is meaning for each dance. Each person’s dance is an investment of time and attention. Each person’s dance creates bonds of reliance or attachment. Each unique dance is a mix of positive, negative or neutral dynamics.


“The concept of friendships is too often simplified.”

During the dance, there’s an exchange of energy.  There are energy dynamics as shared in our previous blog, The Energetic Dance of Friendships.  This energetic exchange creates imprints of thoughts and emotions within each person.  Energetic exchanges are a relevant and important dynamic to note for those on the awakening path.

Too much negative dynamic will create instability, confusion and struggle.  Too much negative dynamic brings you up close and personal to dancing with negativity.  You begin feeling unbalanced, anxious or toxic emotions in your life.  It becomes important to notice these “friends” and the very real, negative impact they are having on your life. 

To avoid the negative dynamic within turbulent friendships, we must learn to discern, and make wiser choices. The wisdom comes when we seek guidance by asking questions and going deeper to become our own best friends.  In this process, we must learn to embrace an understanding of healthy verses toxic, and recognize our wants, needs and desires within that dance.

A Good Place to Start – Ask Yourself:

  • What kind of friend am I?
  • What do I bring to the table?
  • What qualities do I like in my friends?
  • What topics and things do I value in life?

A mutually beneficial connection begins with dancing skills – our ability to keep pace with our partner, our ability to follow, and our ability to lead.  A beautiful dance allows each to shine their light while the other mirrors that beauty, heart and soul back to us. This dance shows up as an elegant, playful and beautiful flow between two people.  

A vibrant, healthy and harmonious friendship brings a special person to dance with you.  This person shares similar energy and a capacity to:

  • Uplifts and understands you.
  • Matches the energy you bring to the table.
  • Shows respect and allows space between you.
  • Be independent, kind, honest and truthful.  
  • Express love and acceptance of you.  

My suggestion to Highly Sensitive Feelers, Healers and Empaths is to embrace energetic awareness, go deeper to ask questions, and learn to trust yourself.

  • Notice your feelings, thoughts or vibes.
  • Notice the energy exchanges between you.
  • Notice the quality and flavor of that connection.
  • Ask. Is this person or friendship in my highest interest?

Love & Light,

Want to chat about the quality of your friendships?  Are you absorbing the negative emotions of others?  Do you yearn for authentic connection?  I’d be delighted to share some time together. 

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