A New Way to Declutter your Mind

A New Way to Declutter your Mind


There is a great new show on Netflix, “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”. Have you seen it?

The show is about decluttering and how to decide which objects stay and which go. To help determine this, the host, Marie, asks her clients a unique question: 

“Does it spark joy?”

  • If the answer is yes, the object can stay.
  • If the answer is no, her advice is to “Thank it and let it go.”

While watching the show did inspire me to clean out a few drawers and dusty areas of the basement, I also had another inspiration. 

Every day, I battle my busy mind. There are so many thoughts! New thoughts, old thoughts, recycled thoughts. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and walk around with a cluttered mind.

My moment of inspiration was this: What if I applied Marie’s advice to my thoughts?

Thoughts are a result of energy, or information received by your brain. 

There are two kinds of energy causing these thoughts:

1. Your energy.
This energy results in thoughts that are:

  • Kind, caring and motivating.
  • Like something a best friend or loved one would say to you.
  • Encouraging, like a pep talk.
  • Positive and hopeful.

2. Not your energy, or foreign energy.
This energy results in thoughts that are:

  • What you should do, say or be.
  • A repeating song or phrase.
  • Mean, critical, unkind or belittling.
  • Regretful or provoke guilt or shame.
  • Full of worry, anxiety and fear.

Your energy would never produce a thought that is mean to you. It would never be critical or unkind. 

Thoughts of this nature are products of foreign energy and may be coming from your parents and family, coworkers, social media and the collective conscious, or what “they” think.

To help declutter your mind, ask yourself, “Does this thought spark joy?”

Thoughts full of worry, wondering what you should do or say, regret, anxiety, guilt, shame or fear can be let go. These thoughts do not cause you joy! They are products of foreign energy and are cluttering up your mind, taking up space that is not theirs. 

It’s time to take out the trash! Let those thoughts go.

Over the next few days, see what happens when you apply this question to your thoughts. 

“Does this thought spark joy?”

  • If your answer is not a clear, “Yes! This thought brings me joy!”, then say, “Thank you” and let it go.

Getting rid of thoughts of worry, anxiety, fear and regret will leave space for thoughts that will bring more joy into your life.