Getting rid of bindings, cords of attachments, and past relationships

Getting rid of bindings, cords of attachments, and past relationships

Energy channels and binding

During communication there is an exchange of energy, thereby creating energy channels. This is normal. On subtle planes, such a channel looks like a bright, transparent ray. Difficulties arise when a person becomes dependent on such contact, when he/she can not, or not ready, or simply afraid of losing this channel. In such situations, due to internal efforts, the ray becomes denser, acquires rigidity, loses its elasticity and becomes a thick cord. Such a cord is called a “binding”.

Bindings always negatively affect the human energy system, they interrupt the natural flow of energy, interfere with energy processes, draw energy from the localization area, thereby de-energizing nearby energy structures and organs. The binding strength is very high, they deprive a person of freedom and hinder his spiritual development.

Bindings are sometimes very tenacious. If negative emotions are too strong, then bindings are saved for several incarnations in a row. People again and again draw each other in each new incarnation, until they get rid of their bindings. Virtually all karmic connections are based on bindings.

In order to remove the binding, it is necessary to remove your negative thoughts, accept another person as he/she is, forgive him/her and let him go with love. After that, the binding can be removed. It is important to understand: removing a binding does not remove the energy connection! Having freed ourselves from the bindings, we will not cease to love each other. We will gain freedom and give freedom to others, recognizing for them the right to dispose of their own destiny. This is unconditional love.

Examples of bindings

• Pity, desire to help, to save. Thinking that she/he is doing a good deed, a person can feed an energy parasite for many years and think that without his/her support, he will not survive. This is a parasitic relationship.

• Resentment. This feeling is considered one of the strongest, negatively affecting health. The fact is that with resentment a person again and again returns to his thoughts with the offender, generously giving him/her his own vital energy.

• Revenge, the desire to prove one's case. When a person scrolls in his head an ominous plan of retaliation, imagines that he/she will tell his offender, etc., a strong energy bond arises.

• Guilt. The sense of guilt is an unproductive emotion, because a person does not correct what he has done, but is engaged in self-flagellation. An individual who feels guilty often thinks about what can be done to make amends. The result is a strong energy binding.

• Material losses. Unreturned debt connects two people for a long time. The larger the amount, the stronger the binding. Lender can break the binding, mentally saying "goodbye" to money, as if they were lost, and sincerely forgive the debtor. For debtor the only way to get rid of this binding is to pay debt or work for it.

• People live together, but in fact they are already strangers, they have already passed this phase of life, but they can not move any further because they connect each other. Or one of the partners has outgrown this relationship for a long time already, he/she should go further, but the other does not allow him/her to develop. In this case the binding is nurtured by a habit, a sense of responsibility, a duty, caring for children, attachment to co-acquired property, pity for a partner (how he/she will be without me!)... anything but love.

• The need to possess another person; dependence, passion, jealousy, etc. Person again and again thinks about the object of his desire, dreams of him, eager to get him/her. A person becomes like a child who is not given a favorite toy. He demands it and sees nothing else around. Do not confuse it with love! Love does not infringe the right to freedom of another.

• Non-reciprocal love. This state exhausts both the one who loves and the one who loved. This is a strong vampire binding.

• The strongest bindings are parent bindings. Often parents (especially mothers) want to fully control their child, choke his development with attention and care. It is not love; it is dependence and a desire to subordinate another person. The consequences can be very unpleasant. The child or will find the strength to break the binding, which is fraught with a complete cessation of communication with parents, or will remain an undeveloped person. For example, if a mother does not accept her teenager son as an independent person and does not let him go, her energy tightly blocks his main chakras, which leads to major mishaps in the man's personal life.

• Hiding your true feelings towards another person. You should always listen to your heart, throwing away stereotypes and hypocrisy. Sometimes people, feeling love for another, hide it, afraid to seem stupid, ridiculous, or be rejected, or simply because "it's not accepted" or "I'm not that". Love must be splashed out, given, told to another person, how much you appreciate him/her.

• Fear of condemnation. Often people try so hard to be right, ideal, that they ruin their lives. Based on considerations of logic and public opinion, they are afraid to show their true feelings, and often lose love; or they go to work they hate because they "have to", or get married, because "it's time." Thereby they create a strong binding.

Binding between man and woman

A strong binding is formed in relationship between a man and a woman, especially after sexual contact. There is a complete exchange and merging of subtle bodies, and exchange of karma. This means that even after the end of relationship, the woman keep working on not only her karmic tasks, but also the karmic tasks of her ex-partner. She keeps giving him her power for solving his problems. Even if she was the initiator of the break, the feeling of guilt, loss, anguish, does not leave her. No wonder - the energy of the partner, left in the memory of the cells, is calling, pulling to itself.

To attract new harmonious relationships into your life and be happy, it is important to properly complete and untie the previous relationship.

How to check whether the previous relationship is completed?

1. Imagine a man with whom you broke up.

2. Find a minimum of 10 reasons to thank him.

3. Say "I release you from Love and sincerely wish you Happiness with another woman".

Can you say it easily, sincerely, from the whole heart? Do you feel after the final words lightness and spiritual recovery? If so, the relationship is really completed. If you had difficulty to finish this exercise, if instead of lightness and joy you feel a lump in the throat, resentment, disappointment, guilt, the desire to see your ex or find out about his unhappiness - it is important to work with these relations and really clean up your energy from this connection.

If you realize that you have a binding and would like to untie and get rid of it harmoniously, if you want to regain back all your energy to create your happy world, then you will benefit from Getting Rid of Bindings, Cords of Attachments, and Past Relationship session. Contact me for more details!