How Intention Drives Our Emotional Responses

How Intention Drives Our Emotional Responses

We are made up of pure energy held together by a force field. 

Every thought, every emotion, every movement that we make involves the focused energy of intention, even when we are unconscious or asleep. Everything we see, feel, smell, touch or perceive in any way is made of pure energy since is nothing in the Universe is “solid.”

Just by thinking of something, we are using our intention to organize energy into a specific vibration that can have an effect of our whole body as well as other bodies around us.  The emotion of anger can be felt by other adjacent bodies anytime an angry person enters a room and so can the emotions of joy and love because all of them have specific energetic signatures that are recognized by others and can cause their bodies to react in response.

The intention that drives our bodies to generate emotions can be both conscious and unconscious. Emotional energy can either be released intentionally or trapped unintentionally in the body that generated it. Negative emotional energy will then cause blockages in that body’s energy system, resulting in tissue imbalances.

Locating these tissue imbalances and removing the negative emotions that are causing the imbalances is the whole purpose of the Body Code and Emotion Code healing. Contact Body Code Practitioner Betsy Lambert for a FREE consultation to see if the Body Code and Emotion Code might be able to help in your situation.