Reboot With Water

Have you ever called the IT department or someone to help you fix your complex computer problem?  Then the first thing they always say is "Have you tried rebooting it"? I get so annoyed, thinking, why are they wasting my time with such a simple fix, when I have a complex problem.  I would say 80% of the time rebooting the computer fixes my problem.  Water does same thing for our bodies. I guess it makes sense since our body is made up of ~60% water. If it gets low, it would be important to replace it.  It's such a simple fix, but not something we always think about.

Do you know ALL of the symptoms of dehydration?  Here are a few...

Dry skin, dark circles, feeling tired and lethargic, trouble sleeping, headaches, constipation, low blood pressure causing dizziness (particularly when you try to stand), confusion, reduced brain function and ability to concentrate, reduced physical performance and endurance.

The positives of drinking more water is that is may temporarily increase metabolism and drinking water 30 minutes before eating has been shown to be beneficial in weight loss. Not to mention avoiding all of the symptoms mentioned above.  Water intake has also been shown to decrease chances of kidney stones.

Rules about Water:

1. Drink when you're thirsty, stop when your not.

2. 8 cups of water a day is nice, but there is no scientific data to support it.

3. Pay extra attention to your hydration if you have been sweating a lot - hot environment or exercising.

4. Feeling "off", check in with yourself to see if you are thirsty.

5. Other fluids count towards hydration but water is best.

Next time you are feeling a little off.....remember to reboot with some water!  Start with the easiest fix first.