What Type of Energy Healing is Right for Me?

What Type of Energy Healing is Right for Me?

There lots of different energy healings out there and I’ve tried a number of them, as well as having been a Reiki master for 25 years.  I find that all of the energy work except one work pretty much the same way.  The healer works with someone, the energy stays in their body for 24 to 48 hours and then it dissipates. 

However, Marconic energy stays in the body once it’s there and constantly raises up your vibration which will help your 3-dimensional body and emotions with numerous issues.

For example, you may be finding lately that you, your friends or your family are suffering from numerous odd maladies that are unusual. Issues like:

  1.  Headaches
  2.  Backaches
  3.  Flu-like symptoms that last a long time
  4.  Digestive problems
  5.  Events that completely alter your life (one or in combination) – divorce, job change, sickness, death, change in income, or other seeming catastrophe 
  6.  Changing sleep patterns – needing less, more or waking throughout the night
  7.  Weight gain or loss for no apparent reason
  8.  Depression
  9.  Brain fog – feeling spacy and disconnected; listless
  10.  Dizziness, falling, having accidents or breaking bones

If you are talking to doctors, trying different things, but still not coming up with enough consistent results, a Marconic multidimensional ‘no touch’ energy healing session may be a really good option and it can be done in person or remotely.  It raises your body’s vibration releasing much of its 3-dimensional density.  Or perhaps a recalibration might resonate which can release up to 51% of karmic debris

This energy is for both the body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit, and attunes all of the pieces of you, pulling them together and raising you up.

I have found on many occasions by connecting to the Marconic energy not only do people raise their own vibration, but their spouses, friends and family will seem to change as they entrain with the higher vibration.  It is an amazing thing to watch happen and I’ve personally never seen it with another type of energy work.

To put it bluntly, when and if Marconic energy is right for you, you will know.  Intuitively you will get such a huge hit, a hammer will feel like it is descending on you, or maybe you will feel a quickening and an opening of a YES!!!  Follow that feeling your higher self is giving you, whether it is a yes or a no. 

No one way is right for everyone.  Keep connecting to your highest self and follow whichever way you’re called.  And if you need more information, I would be honored to answer any questions or connect you to a practitioner in your area if you aren’t in California and a recalibration feels right to you.