It all started with one drop...

It all started with one drop...

Who would have thought that four years ago a drop of oil would change my life?

It didn't just change my life forever for one reason, it changed it for so many. Something shifted when that drop of oil was so magically and started to work in my body in seconds. My symptoms not  only cleared but what happened was truly magnificent. 

I shifted. When those first drops of therapeutic oils went into my body my hairs stood up...I didn't pay too much attention because in my mind, I didn't really think these oils would do a whole lot, if anything. I had been using oils from the Health Store for perfumes but this was something really magical. 

I began to wonder if the oils were actually working or if I was just hoping...It was soo much more than hope. It was millions of tiny molecules that I call miracles working their magic. 

I later learned about the Chemistry of oils and how they really do begin to work in seconds in your body and the get to every cell in your body. 

So what was really happening? Besides instant relief from headaches, and a feeling of calm when I used certain oils, I started to shift. 

I started to not only believe these oils were working (and they sure were) but that these tiny molecules of goodness were about to change my life. 

I started to research the hows' and why they working so well in my body. (Still not totally trusting these oils were what was working...was it in all in my head?) I began to learn about the different types of oils on the market and jump with joy to realize the fluke of me getting oils from one of only a few of the only oils on the planet that were actually therapeutic. (or Magic)

You see, when you want results from oils, you need the right oils. One wrong move in the process from the tiny seed to that oil in the bottle can make or break the oil working or just smelling OK. 

How do you find the right oils? Well it's not as easy as you may think. All essential oils you buy at the stores say 100% on them. But...they only have to have about 5% in them to say that. What else is in that oil bottle?? That is where the "to work or not to work" questions comes in. 

Your bottle needs 100% oils, nothing else in it! And there are less than 5% of companies that make this. I choose Young Living for my brand and that's because they have whats called a Seed to Seal Promise. No other company has this. It's a promise your oil is absolutely pure and it has been taken care of from the time it's a seed to the time it gets sealed up in that bottle. 

So next time you are purchasing an oil, make sure it really is 100%.  My job is to teach you how to find out information so that you and your family can find the right oils. 

The shift in me was that now that my symptoms were gone, I began a research magnet. I slowly learned that these tiny molecules could replace sooo many chemicals in my home. 

I know use oils for everything and in everything. My shampoo, make up, deodorant