Yoga Therapy for Allergies

Sneezing. Stuffed head. Itchy eyes. Tickling cough. Runny nose.

It’s that time of year again.  And, yes, there’s Yoga for that. Even allergies.

Physical postures that can help include getting upside down. I prefer variations of downward facing dog–either traditional version on the floor, or against a chair or wall–to open the nasal passages. Chest opening postures, like supported fish pose (we do it often in class with a rolled blanket behind the chest while lying on the floor), and bridge pose help to make breathing feel a bit easier.

My favorite breathing practice for allergies (and anxiety!), is Alternate Nostril Breathing. Using your fingers to plug the right, then left, nostrils while breathing deeply helps to open both sides of the nose. A carefully chosen essential oil on the inside of the wrist just before practicing Alternate Nostril Breathing may enhance the effect. (I like Peppermint or  DoTerra’s Breathe blend.)