Getting Better with Halo Sport

Getting Better with Halo Sport

Did you ever think at your age, that there is something out there that can help you to run faster, jump higher, play music more smoothly or even dance better? Well there is and I have one. It’s called Halo Sport, the first product that stimulates your motor cortex so that your body can respond faster to the requests you make of it.

In full disclosure, my daughter started working at this company last summer. She had been working at a digital marketing agency since college, when she was recruited to do digital marketing at Halo Neuroscience. When she called to tell us about the company, my husband and I both suggested that this sounded too good to be true. I mean really how could this technology really work? When she decided to join, we quickly got on board and ordered ourselves one.

Halo Sport has been in the works for some time but is newly available to the consumer. Daniel Chao, MD from Stanford University, started the company. His previous company made a medical grade device that was implanted in the brain to reduce epileptic seizures. Halo Sport uses tDCS (Transcranial Direct Current stimulation) which puts the targeted area of the brain into a state of hyperlearning; in this case your motor cortex which is the area of the brain responsible for all your movement. When your brain is in hyperlearning mode you can learn new movement patterns more quickly and easily. So you can have more output with less effort.

I received my Halo Sport in mid-October. I eagerly took it out of its box and plugged it into charge up before my first session. It looks like a set of headphones with some sponge like nibs on the area between the headphones. Apparently that’s where the magic lies. I followed the directions and placed the headphones on my head after dampening the nibs with water. During my twenty-minute ‘warm-up’ period, I felt a tingling sensation somewhere between an itch and mild discomfort so I knew it was working. After the warm-up period, I was automatically in a hyperlearning state (also known as neuroplasticity) that lasts for one hour and it was time to work out.

I quickly got on my spinning bike and got ready to ride. The effect of the Halo Sport was immediately apparent to me. As the music came up and I could feel that my legs were ready to go rather than complaining about being pushed so hard so early in the morning. Rather than resist the pedals my legs were pushing hard yet I felt calm, present and in sync with the music. Gone was that feeling of dead legs, gone was the frustration of encouraging my legs to get going because they would feel better soon. I was just up on my bike and riding without thinking about any of it. The more I rode, the better I felt. Without knowing it, I found out that I could use more of my quad muscle to push down the pedals. Who knew I had all that power? Suddenly, I was using my hamstrings and glutes in ways I had never accessed before. At the end of the ride, I realized that I had ridden with about 50% more drag on the bike than I had ever had before. Well, that was exciting.

The next day, I put on my Halo Sport before I went out on the golf course. I expected my drive would go further than before. It went a bit further albeit difficult to measure that distance. Much to my surprise, I found that I couldn’t miss a putt. Somehow, when I lined up to putt from 15-20 feet away all of them went in the hole. While my drive felt a bit smoother, it was my putting that drew my attention. I couldn’t explain it (except that I knew it was the Halo) but then again, I didn’t need to explain anything, I just could step back and enjoy the results.

I’ve been using the Halo Sport almost everyday since mid October and the results continue to amaze me. I feel more awake and stronger than I have in a long time. I feel like I work harder but with less stress at every workout. I’m using heavier weights in my workouts and turning the knob in spinning ever further. So I enjoy even the dreary workouts more. I spend less time in my head complaining about how hard I’m working. I spend more time enjoying my workout. Halo Sport been a godsend to me and I thank my daughter daily for exposing me to this new technology.

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