What to Expect & Do After Family & Systemic Constellations

What to Expect & Do After Family & Systemic Constellations

As my mentor, Peter Faust says, "The end of a constellation is the beginning of the healing," so don't worry if your constellation didn't reach a full resolution and tie things up in a nice bow. Constellations create movement, which can create the momentum needed for healing.
A Healing through Connecting Constellation™ (HtC) supports you in receiving new insights, seeing different and new perspectives, and discovering new understandings about yourself, your experiences, and your family system. In a constellation, four levels of healing are experienced - the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual (Soul). It goes much deeper than any words. The effects on our relationships can seem effortless and profound and can give our lives new direction. It is my hope that this handout will support you as your constellation healing continues.


~ Healing Energy ~

  • Healing energy will be present from the decision to do a constellation, the day a constellation is done, and to several days after, even sometimes months. You have shaken up the snow globe of your energy and belief system and have tapped into your unconscious, it needs time to settle back in (at least 72 hours is recommended). Remember that the healing effects of the work unfold on their own time when we let go of the need to know and to do something. During this time of honoring yourself:
    • Honor yourself for showing up and doing the work for yourself and your family Soul
    • Take a bath with Epsom salts and essential oils (making sure to shower afterward)
    • Light candles, turn on your favorite music, and have some tea, water, etc.
    • Spend time in nature
    • Be kind to yourself - no judgment or 'shoulds'
    • Follow your intuition for what you need
    • It takes at least 72 hours for the energy to settle
    • You may experience deep emotions, questions, answers, awareness, confusion, bliss, love, a shift in thinking and perception, new understandings, peace within and outside of yourself, and some physical symptoms of release and detoxing.


~ Integration ~

Integration is taking what you've learned and the gifts given during constellations and weaving it into your current life and every cell of your being. This can be a challenge, especially when we aren't sure what that looks like.
The following are some suggested integration ideas:

  • Private integration/follow-up appointment with Michaelene
  • Write in your journal to explore and express your insights, challenges, and celebrations
  • Do artwork to explore and express your insights, issues, and new understandings
  • Set up an ancestor table or altar in your home to acknowledge to honor them and yourself
  • Display photos in your home of your ancestors
  • Meditate
  • Replay your constellation
  • See the end of your constellation and allow it to continue if it feels right
  • Call in your ancestors for help, support, and guidance and to thank them
  • Set up the end of your constellation at home
  • Use figurines, rocks, anything that can represent the members in your constellation
  • Set it up in a sacred place in your home, a place you pass by every day
  • Sit with it and see what feelings, thoughts, and movements are present
  • Move the representations if called to do so
  • See how you feel and what you notice afterward, go as deeply as possible
  • Write down your thoughts, new awareness & “aha’s,” and feelings
  • This also calls in your ancestors for help, support, and guidance if needed
  • Visit the cemetery to honor and/or acknowledge your family member(s) or create an outdoor space at home for them


~ Sharing with Others ~

When you go home from the workshop it is recommended to be mindful about sharing with others your experience for at least 72 hours. Some reasons why: 

  • To protect the sacredness of what was experienced
  • So no outside opinions or perceptions influence your truth of the experience and its meaning to you
  • Because it is difficult to explain 
  • People may be skeptical and will challenge it
  • People like to be analytic, “in their head”
  • This can disconnect you from the healing energy of the constellation and your own feelings


~ Possible Behavior Shifts ~

  • Whatever occurs in a constellation, it is recommended it not be used as a recipe for your behavior around the people represented in the constellation – follow your intuition.
  • Letting it work within, you may find yourself acting in ways different than your usual past patterns.
  • You may find yourself reconnecting with previously distanced or estranged family members.
  • You may find yourself being more assertive or more peacemaking than before.
  • It is likely that you will feel a greater sense of relaxation and connection.
  • You may even feel more alive. (paraphrased from http://familyconstellationshouston.com/who-we-are/).


~ Questions, Follow Up, & Support ~

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  • Constellationhealingarts.com/scheduling
  • Facebook HtC Private Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/327359768050922/
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