Chaos, Change & Balance: Are You Ready to Explode?

Chaos, Change & Balance: Are You Ready to Explode?

What to write about? Some thoughts on balance and wellness from the beginning of September....  Sitting outside with the computer, enjoying the shade and the sun.  It occurs to me that we appreciate both more when we have both.  When the sun is out and it's hot, we enjoy the shade because it's cooler and helps keep us from overheating.   We also enjoy the sunlight - for many of us, including myself, we tend to be in better moods, more cheerful and feel more able to deal with the "downs" of life when there's some sunshine.  Rain is good, a thunderstorm can be great to listen to and watch from a safe place, but too much rain and people start turning into Eeyore.  Too much sun and everything dries out, crunches and dies. What I'm getting at here is the need for balance.  Balance and transitions.  There's a lot of transitions going on in the world all the time.  Right now they seem stronger, bigger just somehow "more".

- Volcanic erruptions in Hawaii - the most activity in years, even though the same volcano has been going since 1983. 

-Forest fires (again) in Northern California other states in the west/pacific northwest and  Canada this year.  Resulting smoke and ash along with the "normal" pollution levels causing air quality advisories. 

-A prominent politician and war veteran/POW in his 80's dying, a scandal that the White House doesn't want to fly the US Flag at half mast in his honor.  Seems a bit minor on a global, natural history scale but certainly big enough to upset a lot of humans.

-Then again, back to Mother Nature, we are transitioning into Fall.  The calendar says that Fall doesn't officially start until the 22nd of September at the end of the month, yet we've already had days with highs in the 60's and the leaves are starting to turn colors.  Kids of all ages are going back to school.  Schedules are changing.

 Are you embracing these changes & wishing they wouldn't come so soon at the same time?  That's OK.  Out of all of these changes and chaos comes a new beginning, a re-birth.  MFR can be like that.  MFR is like life, because it is a part of life.  Life literally starts with a bang - the medical scientists have caught the flash/burst of energy. 

MFR has been a "rebirth" of sorts for both myself and Time To Relax.  It started slowly four years ago in August of 2014.  A big change came in 2016 when MFR became the sole focus of the practice here.  Things have been gaining momentum ever since.

If you or a family member is ready to start on an incredible journey of healing body, mind and spirit I'm here to help take that first step.  How far we walk together is really up to you, the clients.  Ready when you are.


"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step".  Lao Tzu