Your Body is Not Broken, Is Signaling You That Something Needs to Be Addressed

Your Body is Not Broken, Is Signaling You That Something Needs to Be Addressed

I speak from experience: 3 years ago I used to be the person who would say that.

Unfortunately by that time I didn't have the right allies to teach me better and I would only listen to the conventional medical doctors who would dismiss my symptoms or would rush on putting a label on me, give me a pill and send me home. 😒

With many unanswered questions and trusting the doctors more than anything I ended up thinking that my body forgot how to function and was broken.

But one day I was introduced to Functional Medicine and from that moment my life changed completely.

The first thing I learned in this journey is that the best doctor is my own body. Nobody will be able to tell me better what's wrong than my own body.

Once I began to listen and trust my body's cues, healing followed. The body is an intelligent mechanism that reacts to certain factors (good or bad).

The body's main interest is for you to thrive, but it relies on you to offer food, water, rest, and safety from the exterior.

If the body identifies that these essentials aren't provided it will start signaling to you (your brain) that something needs to be addressed.😖

In the beginning the body will whisper to you. If no improvement have been made it will start shouting, and then it will start to bang on doors and lastly it will start shutting off functions that aren't essential for survival, like the reproductive system.

The idea is that the body is smarter than we think and we have to trust it and listen to its cues.👂🏻

Tracking your cycle is one of the best ways to identify if your body is signaling that something is wrong.

If you've been dealing with period problems, mood swings, anxiety or depression, unexplained weight gain/loss, migraines, constant bloating, constipation, brain fog, etc, then you've been warned.

So instead of looking for answers from someone else, begin listening and trusting your body what is telling you. 

If you need support in this journey of reconnecting with your body, I invite you to join one of my coaching programs available.🤗