Fibromyalgia Help


By Neil Hall – Bowtech® Health Center

If you suffer from Fibromyalgia you may be experiencing several of the following:
• Frustration
• Feeling Helpless
• Having to take time off from work
• Severe Pain
• Sore & weak muscles
• Hypersensitive to sound
• Poor concentration & Poor short-term memory
• Sudden mood changes
• New allergies
• Headaches or Migraines
• Heart Palpitations
• Profuse sweating
• Bladder pattern changes
• Poor circulation
• Low blood sugar

How Bowenwork can help:
Stress, bad posture, injury, overuse, trauma, bad diet, and lack of exercise are just a few things that get our bodies out of balance. Bowenwork helps the body by working through the nervous system to come out of the stress mode(sympathetic) and into relaxation mode (parasympathetic) where healing begins.
Bowenwork is small moves done in a specific sequence and in specific areas, this activates the proprioceptors and pain receptors right under the skin in the fascial system. Studies have found that light touch activates these receptors and starts a communication with the blueprint in the brain to reset the underlying structure to adjust to its natural state and position. This activation therefore helps the body restore to lasting change and healing.

Outcomes from Bowenwork:
• Relaxation
• Reduced stress and better ability to handle stress
• Better sleep which further enhances the healing process
• Confidence in bodies healing ability
• More strength and balance
• No pain or reduction of pain to a tolerable state
• Reduction or elimination of pain medication
• A return to work and the things that are enjoyed
• Much, much more

In addition:
Most if not all Fibromyalgia clients have some vitamin, mineral or nutrient deficiency. Diets, lifestyle and sometimes negative patterns are a part of Fibromyalgia problems. We can also help you in these areas in addition to the Bowenwork sessions. Combining all of the above together can help you overcome the Fibromyalgia problems you have and may even help you with other health issues. Feel free to contact us, we won’t charge you for the consultation.
You can contact Neil Hall or Lisa Rhodes at (325) 676-9227 at Bowtech Health Center, located in Abilene, Tx at 1150 Estates Dr Ste C on Northside of Bldg.