11,919 Steps..... And Counting

11,919 Steps..... And Counting

Many people confuse "busy" with "active".  Over the years, my activity has decreased less and less, maybe you can relate. Here are my excuses:

1. Can't teach as many zumba classes because I want to be home with my family in the evenings.

2. I work 40 hours a week and run a virtual nutrition counseling private practice after my 4 yr old goes to bed....not a whole lot of extra time in the day.

3.  If I stay up later or get up earlier, I will be more sleep deprived than I already am.

It's not that my excuses aren't valid, they absolutely are, but something has to give.  I read an article by Randi Zuckerberg, describing the "Entrepreneur's Dilemma" that said you can only pick 3. Fitness, Family, Friends, Work, and Sleep.  All are quite important, so I guess if you can at least do 3, your doing something, but it sure is hard to prioritize.

Before, I got a device that tracks my steps and how much I am standing up, I really thought I was more active, because I was so busy.  Not true.  Today, I logged 11,919 steps.... I took my dog for a walk early this morning, then walked with, my 4 yr old before dinner, while he rode his bike.  Yesterday I had only 2,400 steps. I guess the bottomline is, somedays you have different priorities than others.  Getting it all right, all the time, just isn't reality.  Are you one of those people looking for work/life balance? Forget that....not possible.  Think about the word balance, or better yet, think of yourself trying balance on one of those bosu balls.  You do great for a little while, but it's always a struggle and honestly, you really can't do it for that long. Even if you can balance forever, it takes a lot of focus and effort.   I once heard a physician reframe the idea of work/life balance and described it as work/life harmony.  If you think about a musical piece with harmony, and all of it's transitions, it allows for variation, yet is pleasing and desirable. Life should be more harmonic, not a constant struggle of balancing.   Once the harmony is flowing, maybe you realize a sense of "balance" and understand that balance will happen at certain moments, will feel peaceful and will come and go....and that's OK.

So, seriously, I need to be more active.  I asked my husband if we could do a workout every Monday night in the garage, he agreed!  This was our first week and we did it! Although I could not have done it without him because we started at 8:00pm, and as he was doing all the prep to get us set up in the garage, I was laying on the mat wishing I was in bed. So, pick something you want to do, get a better understanding of why you would like to do it, ask yourself why, one more time to really understand why you want to do it, then create an environment to help you be successful.

Bottomline, you have a lot going on.  Be proud each day of what you do accomplish. Hey! You ate a piece of fruit today?  High Five.  Forget what happened yesterday, like those 2,400 steps, and focus on the positives in your life today, like those 11,919....and counting.