Find Your Fitness Breakthrough with Clubbell Training

Find Your Fitness Breakthrough with Clubbell Training

When it comes to working out, everyone wants the most return for the time invested. If you’re looking for something new to get you off of your fitness plateau, then clubbell training just might be your answer. Clubbell training yields high impacts in strength and cardio, with low time commitment. Check out how this near-miracle workout could make a drastic change in your life.

What is Clubbell Training?

Clubbell training is a form of exercise using weighted clubs, blending strength and cardio into an extremely effective training practice. Though weighted clubs date back before either barbells or dumbbells, they are once again gaining in popularity as new adherents discover the power in this primitive form of training.

Weighted clubs are basically shaped like solid baseball bats, typically forged out of steel, with a handle used for gripping. Similar to kettlebell training, the clubs are lifted and swung in established patterns, all designed to work certain muscle groups and improve cardio fitness.

Key benefits of club training include efficiency in burning fat, excellence in developing shoulder flexibility and strength, and refining muscle coordination.

Athletes have used club swinging for centuries to greatly improve their endurance, flexibility, and strength. The boom of the commercial gym era lessened club training’s popularity, but it has recently returned to prominence in gyms worldwide due to its effectiveness in training for strength and improving all-around fitness.

Benefits of Club Training

Clubs allow incremental progression through adjusting the grip location on the club handle. The varied grip position alters how challenging each exercise is based on how much weight is leveraged. The further away the grip is from the weighted club end, the greater the weight employed for the exercise. This sliding scale of weight is much safer than the potentially dangerous jumps in weight found in traditional strength training gear.

Club training offers many benefits, including:

  • Building shoulder strength
  • Building upper body musculature
  • Developing exceptional grip
  • Developing shoulder stability
  • Excellent cross-training for sports
  • Encourages good posture through working shoulder and back muscles
  • Portable equipment
  • Scalable training

Let F3 Wellness Help Get You Started

F3 Wellness Connections offers expert clubbell training. We offer a free consultation to assess your current fitness level and propose a workout plan. We can establish a long-term plan that will help you transform your fitness and improve your overall wellness. We will help you select the proper clubbell weight needed to begin your training as well as the best exercises to launch your clubbell regimen. We will guide you every step along the way, as you grow in your clubbell ability.

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