Creating your Aligned Goals or Resolutions

As a creative, empathic and/or intuitive being the word “goal” can trigger overwhelm. Unfortunately, running away from the word goal doesn’t make setting then less important. Whether you consciously set goals or not you are taking action every day in a direction, the question is whether it is in the direction you would like to go.Setting aligned/actionable goals are essential for conscious living. We must shift our perspective about what setting a goal means. To start this process, ask yourself what feelings come up for you when you think about setting a goal? Anxiety, stress, or restriction?How about shifting your perspective to freedom, success, purpose, and fulfillment? What if the reason your goals were anxiety-provoking in the past were that they were not in alignment with what you really wanted? What if your goals were based on wanting to be loved or accepted? What if they were based on what you thought would make you happy or the expectations of others? How would it feel to have goals that you really want? I want to help you discern what you really want. First, you have to go inward. I am going to invite you to spend a few moments in meditation. You can simply listen to music with your eyes closed, count your breaths or go for a silent walk.When you have completed the meditation, come back and ask your heart what you want to feel. Write it all out in a free writing exercise, don’t question what comes through. After all, the way you want to feel, that is the real goal. For instance, if you want to make more money, what do you think making more money will bring you? Once you know that then ask how that will make you feel? For example, if you want more money so you don’t have to worry about money, so you can travel or you can leave your job… what will that bring you? Freedom? Joy? Fulfillment? What do you want to feel? What can you do right now to start feeling that way today? What is one change you want to make it your life that can bring you that feeling? Now break down that change into weekly or daily steps. I encourage you to try this process and see how much more you will be connected to your goals. Your action steps will be aligned and you can reach a higher level of success. If you need support in figuring out your goals or taking aligned action. Contact me for a complimentary Clarity session.