Give Thanks Before Consuming

Giving thanks, (to God or the ultimate source of our food, nature, the earth, the sun, the soil, the rain, the plants, the animals, the farmers, grocers, chefs, cooks) before consuming our meals is a tradition universal to all people on planet earth and goes back to the earliest origins of human consciousness, culture and civilization.

It’s a really good idea for many reasons. An attitude of gratitude is universally acknowledged as a very wise and nourishing tradition or habit.

And today, in our modern world of endless multi-tasking distractions, cultivating (that means “practicing”) the habit of Giving Thanks before starting to eat anything is a very practical and helpful and complementary habit to develop.

Why? The choices about what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are radically different than the choices our ancestors faced just a few generations ago. Why is this? What’s happened to our food supply?

Think about it.

Before you start eating that next meal. Stop. Pause. Take a deep breath.

Now, think about it! What am I about to eat? Why am I about to eat this? What’s going to happen to my stomach, digestive system, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, internal organs, the cells in my body, as a consequence of eating what I am about to eat?

Before eating anything ask yourself a simple question: What nourishes me best? What nourishes my cells best?

Bringing this level of awareness to the selection, preparation and consumption of our meals will alter our choices; will improve our choices and these improved choices will improve the quality of our cells, the quality of our health and the quality of our life.

Nothing is neutral. Every choice we make is either complementary or insulting to the normal functioning of our digestive system and our entire body. Our ability and willingness to make better choices makes all the difference in the world.

Giving Thanks before consuming our meals is a really smart idea.

Do this simple experiment. Make an ironclad commitment to Give Thanks before each and every meal and snack you consume for seven days in a row. Not the rest of your life, just the next seven days in a row.

Doing this will change your life! Giving Thanks is transformational.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

What is your ritual for giving thanks? Comment below!


Russell Mariani is a Health Educator, Nutrition Counselor and Digestive Wellness expert. He has been in private practice since 1980. He has helped thousands regain their health and well-being. His book, Healing Digestive Illness, can be found exclusively at