I am new to DaoCloud and I wanted to share an article with you that I posted a while back on my web site. It is about Gratitude. With all the chaos we see in our world today, I felt it would be a good time for me to remind myself that I have much for which to be grateful. I hope you find value in my thoughts.

On this journey through our human existence, we face challenges daily. Some days more than others. Gratitude is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as "a strong feeling of appreciation to someone or something for what the person has done for you." In other words, thankful, appreciative, grateful... Are we grateful? At what times do we show gratitude? I, like most, show gratitude when I am helped by another and the outcome is positive or more accurately eases my burden. But is that the only time we should be grateful?

I say no. Each of us souls chose to experience this human life, this illusion of being separate from our Source, whatever you call it. God, Creator, Divine, The Universe. We come here so our souls can experience this, and through that experience realign with our Creator/Source's plan for us. We ARE co-creators with the Divine. We are never separate from our Source, similar to how our children are truly not separate from us, as they carry our DNA in them. It is the same with our Creator/Source. We are made in the image of God, as most believe Source to be called. Even I call it that. So, IF God is in us how can we be separate from God? It is an illusion.

So, back to being grateful. It is easy to be grateful as I said when we benefit in a positive way from another's actions. But what about the challenges that arise daily? You know what I'm talking about. The person at the office who "rubs you the wrong way." The one who makes your job oh so tedious by being inflexible. Is that a situation that we should be grateful for? Not so easy to be grateful for that is it? No, it isn't, but it is just as important to be grateful for that situation or person. Why?! I can hear you almost screaming that question. I'll tell you why--because that person/situation right there is teaching you something. It is a signal of something you do NOT want in your life, yet could it be possibly that what you don't like in them is something you don't like in yourself (me included). It's true you know. Others are our mirrors, and the things that are reflected back to us are the things that we both like and dislike about ourselves.

Here's where we grow. Seeing ourselves in an unflattering light is an opportunity for growth. By recognizing what we do NOT want, we throw rockets of desires of what we do want. It is the contrast of our experience of duality that helps us to create a life here. Don't kid yourself either, WE create our experiences ALL of them. The wonderful happy ones, and the ugly sad ones too. So, when you have that nasty little run in with your reflection that grates on you, be thankful for the mirror (the other person) who shows it to you for they are playing their role in your journey. Be grateful, and no it is not easy, but with practice it gets easier, and to yourself, thank them for the growth opportunity. It will certainly shift things for you, it will help you to attract the situations and people you truly WANT to have in your life.

Sending you all Love, Light, Peace, Allowance, and Joy!