Overcoming Perfectionism…. Increasing Productivity

Overcoming Perfectionism…. Increasing Productivity

Are you a perfectionist? Do you feel like a failure because you haven’t accomplish all your goals but haven’t completed tasks because they aren’t perfect yet?

Does perfectionism stop you from showing up in the world?  Perfectionism can sabotage our efforts to reach our goals.  By hiding behind perfectionism our ego is keeping us safe, by not exposing ourselves to the world.  Unfortunately, it is a false sense of protection because it is preventing us from moving forward, improving our lives, and accomplishing our goals.

If you wait for everything to be perfect, you will be waiting a long time. Nothing is perfect, no human is perfect.

I call myself a recovering perfectionist. I consciously choose to move forward each day, put myself out there, put my videos and content out in the world even though they are not perfect. If I waited till I felt comfortable with how they looked then my my soul contracts would be missing out on my message.

As a recovering perfectionist I have to tell you that it is not easy to let go of wanting things to be a certain way, but I had to decide what was more important to me. If you are ready to start to let go of perfectionism then you are already on your way to do just that.

It always starts with your mindset. Choose what is more important, that something is perfect, or you get to live and do what you want to?

Choose one area to focus on, one area you have been feeling stuck and choose consciously to do things differently.

If you are ready to continue to let go of perfectionism and reach your goals, Contact me for a complimentary clarity session.