The Energy of Gratitude vs. Appreciation

The Energy of Gratitude vs. Appreciation

From the time we were very little, we are taught to say "please" and "thank you" to our parents, elders, siblings, and others even to strangers we meet in public. How often though were you instructed to extend that level of appreciation to yourself? Do you even know how or what that really feels like to deliver a magnitude of thank you inwardly so that it literally shifts your energy viscerally and cellularly? For quite some time I have talked about the powerful energy of appreciation versus gratitude, as I feel the vibrational variance between the two. I'm not debating the value of gratitude or being grateful simply offering an insightful exploration and alternative to experience.


Many people focus on having gratitude and being grateful for what is currently in their lives… and yes that is a beautiful uplifting energy to embrace. However, being grateful's intrinsic origin comes from a place of having something less than what currently is present. Energetically, being grateful starts from a lower vibration of lack or fear of something that happened previously returning rather than having the pure state of dynamic harmonic flow from appreciation.


• Appreciation has a fullness quality to it.

• Appreciation is detached from time past, present and future and exists in the moment.

• Appreciation like love just is.


There's so much power energy in play, exploration, and using your voice to generate and reverberate that harmony throughout your body, mind and spirit.

√ Play with the power and energy of your words and voice (both silently and aloud). Say both of these statements and notice the sensations in your body as you do. "I am grateful for ____________ " (fill in your blank) For example " I am grateful for my good health" and then " I appreciate _________________" In the example "I appreciate my good health"


What was your fill in the blank? What was that like for you? Did you notice a difference? Share your experiences. I hope you'll choose to share it in the comments below. If you can describe it great! Don't worry if you didn't notice the nuance of the energy shifts as they are subtle. The more you play and practice the easier it becomes to discern using your own awareness as the investigator.


I'm sharing this playful "thank you bath" I was inspired to create and give myself recently after taking a yoga class lead by the fabulous, Angie Lopez Greenfield, of Kula Yoga Shala. Gather your breath. Take the biggest inhale you can comfortably take. Slowly release the gentle warm exhale as you please. Turn your attention inward. Pick up the words "thank you" with your thoughts or inner voice. If needed you can even begin by saying "thank you" aloud to activate and anchor its' resonance. Begin repeating your "thank you” starting from the top of your head, imagine entering in your crown saying 'thank you'. Keep saying silently or thinking "thank you" letting it wash over and through every body part inside. Move down and around with your "thank you" all the way from your skull to the very tips of your toes. Take your time, follow your own path of swirling appreciation throughout.


Every physical function and structure (i.e. organ, bone, muscle, vessel, nerve, tissue, blood, chemical and hormone, etc) will thank you back a hundred fold. And in my experience so will your mind and spirit too! Remember just because you may not have done this before or even have done it differently… You can always shift from the old and start it now.


There are a trillion cells within you listening and ready to respond to the awesome soothing sound of appreciation. I so appreciate the opportunity to share this with you. Please share how it works for you.