Freeing and Healing the Inner Child —EVENT—

Freeing and Healing the Inner Child —EVENT—


We at the Haywood Simmons, Jr. Organization are proud to announce the launch of the platform that is deliberately and intentionally tending to and healing the World’s Inner Child.  This is a part of our Own Your Energy Protocol.  I joined to be able to learn and share these type of ground breaking events.  Please join us if Owning the Energy you were given matters to you and you feel moved to. 

GREAT NEWS Registration is Now OPEN live and ONLINE (See Below to know)

Haywood Simmons, Jr. has a special and rare gift that those who are fortunate enough to experience, will gain valuable insight into their health and well-being!  

Deanne’s Experience

Our goal for this event is to tap into freeing and healing the inner child in each individual that is with us in person or streaming in via video!


The health of our inner child impacts the results of the environments we live in. Children, teens, adults, and businesses all have an inner child image yearning to be explored, challenged and relieved. 

Following our "Own Your Energy" platform, we plan to inspire more positive outcomes in your life.

Takeyla’s Experice

Even after a few hours with Haywood Simmons Jr., your ability to think and feel clear again will be engaged.  Most people leave with a renewed skip in their step and a level of self-reflection and understanding that is powerful and meaningful.

 On Tuesday evening, September 18, 2018, you can prepare to be LIT UP with the following schedule of topics:

-TAG Community Interactive conversation preceded by a powerful and prophetic prayer of intentions. 

-Postive Outcome Talk - What does it take to get out of depressive ruts and into owning your energy 

THE TIME TRAVEL Meditation. journey back to see it from other angles.  Imagine being the best friend you always needed to yourself.  

-Wrapping up with an engaging mindfulness meditation. This simple yet authentic loving-kindness meditation will teach you to cultivate and maintain a healing breath with a steady mind. Most importantly you will feel the release of stress, tensions, and worry.


You will leave with less stress, discover a stronger community of friends and you will once again walk in your chosen path with confidence. 

Plan to be showered with love through nutrition tips and some green goodness to snack on along with a freshly squeezed lemonade marinated with manuka honey. 

We are grateful to our sponsors and supporters: 

Fee Schedule:

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER - $100 Exclusive In Person

Email to save your seat or any questions you may have:

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Haywood has agreed to do a 30 minute Q&A after the event to ensure that you have a plan to own your energy, all questions welcome! #inspiration #energy #wellness #mindfulness #meditation #healing #reflection #personalization