Self Preservation & Manifestation Mindfulness Journal Practice

Self Preservation & Manifestation Mindfulness Journal Practice

Before reviewing the Manifestation Meditation Journal Entry at the bottom of the page, slowly read through the guided mindfulness practice. Try to imagine the descriptions below. Be present with yourself and dive deep into your mind. 

When you have completed the meditation, write up answers to the Manifestation Meditation Journal Entry at the bottom. Repeat this regularly to sustain the hard work you put in to self preservation and manifesting your desires and goals.

Recordings for this guided meditation coming soon. 

Manifestation & Self Preservation Mindfulness Meditation


Take a few deep breaths and put your hand on your heart.

After a breathing and and out, fully fill your lungs.

Fill your belly and your chest, then take a last inhale before releasing. 
Feel your toes. Your ankles.
Feel your back relax into your seat.
Relax your shoulders and neck.

Slowly become aware of your body. 

Now begin to imagine you are in an empty room.
There is nothing significant about it. Blank.
Not white, not black but soft, and neutral.

Imagine in front of you is a wall of containers.
You keep looking at the boxes and notice how many there are.
It is in an infinite wall going on forever. 

It just keeps continuing until you become slightly overwhelmed by their presence not enough to be uncomfortable, but so much that their image together begins to change.

At first, you are not quite sure what they are.

You may feel tension returning to your body.
This is perfectly normal.

Acknowledge how your body feels.  It might feel heavy.  Or light and free. 

Accept how it feels and let that carry you. 

This wall of containers is still expanding and moving past your vision.
Faster. Faster.

You notice that some of the containers have a bit of color… at first you can’t quite make out what it is but then you notice something that looks familiar-  it might be a quick flash of your childhood bedroom, summer nights in college, a memory of you driving for the first time.

Then you notice more colors and movement as these images keep flashing by.
You notice…
Food labels

Breathe for a moment and just rest here, pay attention to how your body feels
Now you notice these images are moving faster still.

Flying around like little sheets of paper

Allow these images to circle around you and envelop your body, lifting you up almost like being in a tornado.

Now think about how you feel emotionally, mentally- what do you notice with nostalgia?

Do you remember how your body felt when these memories happened when they pass by your awareness?

Try to remove yourself from your memories.

Allow the tornado to get smaller as if getting a tighter hold around your body.

Try to consider yourself a stranger to these images.Like you are just seeing and experiencing every emotion for the first time.

Try to avoid feelings of gratitude.

Consider how these feelings and new images relate to your higher self.
Try to consider these images in the afterlife.

Will you remember them when this physical body is worn down and can no longer recall everything?

Think about these images and about how they will protect and carry you forward when your soul continues past this body’s expiration. 

Let these images of love, pain, sensation and knowledge completely envelop your body and soul.

Let it be like a second skin.

Let it protect you, not to ward off evil but to establish your conscious energy into a preserved, powerful and balanced energy. 

Think about your future.
Don’t push past pain, hoping your armor is sealed tight.
Don’t ignore pain beneath your mask- let it be apart of your experience, body, soul and consciousness all together. 

Still focusing on your memories, allow them to fly past you one after the other. 
Sometimes showing themselves and sparking momentary glee or a pang of hurt... carefully breathe into this swarm. 

It flows around you, moving constantly and always presenting new images, colors, smells, sounds, elevations, gravities…

Allow yourself to hear your breathing but don’t stop your awarenessSlowly start to think about your body- how are you positioned? 
How is your neck
Your face
Your throat
Work your way slowly down to your toes

Now don’t forget your new armor. 
It hasn’t stopped moving.
Breathing, just like your organ systems, it becomes automatic. 
Don’t let it stop. 

Will it to continue this cycle for eternity?

Will it to continue expanding, tell yourself and tell your memories to circle around you for eternity- reach for your higher self and search for the center of your soul.

Ask yourself to continue to preserve these memories into this physical and spiritual body for afterlife. 

Take a few breaths. 

Put your hand back on your heart.

When you are ready, slowly begin to let your awareness of the room enter your consciousness. Return to this physical space we inhabit. 
Consider your self and not just your soul when you look around.

Remember part of your soul in this physical body needs the security of your higher being. 
Don’t mistake fear for intuition.

Let your higher self guide you. Remember you have protected and preserved your future. That part of you knows no fear because it is eternally safe and has seen all t needs to to reinforce your intuition and separate it from fear.


Take a few breaths and complete the following Manifestation Meditation Journal Entry:

What do you want to carry with you into the future?

Write down 5 things you want to experience in life that you still haven’t & all of the things you might need to do to achieve that.