I have a very long story with many factors that affected my gut health and the beginning began when I was put on antibiotics, for ten years of my life from the age of 2 until 10 years old! This consistent use of antibiotics was used back in the 1960's before long-term use was considered unhealthy. Antibiotics were God's gift to humans and I do not discount their importance as a life saving measure. The impact on a developing human being doesn't take a scientist to absorb these days. My family moved causing my parents to take me to another doctor who knew I had a structural defect that needed to be repaired. It took me another 30 years to realize that my health was moving in the wrong direction. The signs were subtle, gas, bloating, skin rashes, things we often think are normal and passing. I used to be angry about the circumstances but instead chose to help others uncover their own challenges preventing great health and energy. The last 17 years have made me very good at seeing the signs our own bodies give us, in asking for help. I teach people to see those signs and what they mean. I am grateful for this. My journey continues and takes a Healthy Determination to allow my body to stay supported. I offer this support to you in your personal journey!