Celery Juice: Is it really good for our health and digestion?

Celery Juice: Is it really good for our health and digestion?

Celery Juice! It’s all the craze! It was made popular by the Medical Medium and the Medical Medium Protocol. The medical medium is a spiritual channel ( Anthony Williams). As he describes it and he channels the answers from his guides on common mystery illnesses. He also is a Medicine Reader and channel in the sense that his guides tell him people are sick and lay out the groundwork for his healing. You can read much more about his story and work in his book” Medical Medium” . The celery juice craze was founded by him and if your anywhere on Instagram you know that celery juice is one of the top protocols that gained a ton of momentum and quite honestly results. So can celery juice work for everyone?

Does celery juice… really work?

Juicing, in general, is a great detox practice. The idea is that you can load up on so many nutrients and vitamins without the fiber slowing down digestion and nutrient consumption are ideal.  So juicing clergy juice would really be no different.  It is nutrient-dense. Celery is high in vitamin K, Folate, Potassium,  and vitamin C. It is also very high in Water and Sodium. Being such a watery vegetable. Sodium, in general, can be dangerous when one consumes too much so please consider this when juicing celery.  Please note there are about  30 milligrams per stalk and when juicing one uses about 1/2 to one full stalk per juice.

How to Juice 

There are a few ways to juice- Buy a juicer or do the good old nut milk bag and blender trick. read more about that here.  Juicing can be a bit pricy but the benefits are there. It takes much more produce to juice than if eating it whole- keep in mind you are releasing the fiber content when juicing so you need more to get about an 8oz juice than if eating them whole.

It recommended ( for the medical medium protocol) to juice immediately after walking up and trying to juice as fresh as possible. It is possible to meal prep this juice- just keep in mind fresh is best. Do what makes sense for your life but I wouldn’t recommend having juice that’s more than a day or 2 old.


The complication with the Celery Juice

While I generally consider celery juice to be very healing- and saw many benefits myself their area a few things to consider not the flip side.


How it Heals 

Celery juice heals through the influx of nutrients on an empty stomach in the morning.  It is also healing for its effects on hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Celery juice works to repair this in a depleted stomach. Keep in mind the human microbiome project revealed that our guts determine so much about our health, So do keep this in mind, This is an ultra healing benefit to this juice and not to be overlooked.



FODMAPS are water-soluble food that disrupts out guts and is especially irritable for those with digestive concern and ailments (especially IBS!) Celery is not considered a Low fodmap food ( certainly in the amount needed to juice) So keep this in mind if you do in fact have a digestive condition.


 I’ve already mentioned sodium, but due keep it should be considered for the health and bloating factor.


 Sodium causes water retention and therefore bloating. What about FODMAPS? I wanted to mention these two things specifically because so many with gut ailments are drawn to the celery juice craze and at high promise. It delivers. Just keep in mind that is you have IBS, SIBO, or inflammatory problems and/or bad bloating this could just make things worse at first. I wouldn’t run off to the races just with celery juice before addressing these concerns.