In a truely life-threatening emergency you’re better off eating nothing than sugar!

Sugar not only has absolutely no nutritional value, it actively leaches vitamins and minerals from the body. Worse yet, it creates an acidic environment in the digestive tract which is effectively a perfect storm: an acidic diet breaks down the integrity of the gut wall plus disease thrives in an acid base…if the digestive tract is the gatekeeper between what you eat and your bloodstream, eating sugary foods is an absolute guarantee of poor health!

Just a few years ago a Connecticut College study proved Oreos were more addictive than cocaine so if you suspect you’re addicted to sugar it’s probably not your imagination. But why do you suppose rehabs are 30 days long? It’s because almost any habit, no matter how horrible, can be either formed or broken in about a month…just because you’re chemically addicted to the rush sugary foods provide doesn’t mean you can’t break the habit (and in pretty short order too!)

Then there’s the emotional response to consider: sugar causes the brain to be flooded with feel-good hormones…basically, people often eat sugary foods because life isn’t sweet enough. But think about it: aren't the consequences of a high-sugar diet the OPPOSITE of life-sweetening???