Are You Ready for Summer?

Are You Ready for Summer?

Do you want to be ready for the summer with a perfect, beach body? Try the RESET kit. You can shed the extra weight and control your cravings in just 5 days.

Find out more about the kit below.

Are You Ready for Summer?

I am! I can’t wait for the heat and the sun and to have the windows open, especially at night.

But wait! What about your “beach body, sunscreen, and wrinkles?”

Hold up. You know I wouldn’t let you go into summer unprepared. You know me better than that.

First off…Beach body.

Okay, I know you may have packed on a couple of extra pounds over the winter. Luckily those bulky sweaters nicely hid the muffin top but now is the time to shed the extra layers.

My best solution is the RESET kit. It’s only 5 days and it’s super simple. The kit is composed of shakes, probiotics, and supplements. You can eat all the veggies you want. In just 5 days you’ll shed some extra weight and get your cravings under control.

Let me know if you want to do this. The next live group is May 6th with Dr. Karen Wolfe. So you’d need to order asap to get your products in time for that. Otherwise, you can do it anytime on your own.

Click here to buy the kit.

Next. Sunscreen and wrinkles.

Your body makes vitamin D with sun exposure, but the sun can damage the skin and cause wrinkles. So what are you supposed to do? Well, yes keep using sunscreen. Check out the Environmental Working Group’s list of safe sunscreens for the summer and make sure you toss out any left from last year.

If you happen to burn, just pure aloe jell to heal and soothe your skin. Continue to take your vitamin D supplements because you’re really not going to get enough sun exposure to absorb the levels you need for optimal health. Use USANA’s Cellavive skin care as the day lotion has SPF in it and the products are all toxin free.

Eat clean and safe seafood.

“Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant to heal damaged skin but also to increase skin resiliency. Astaxanthin is made in nature by tiny algae that sea animals (e.g. wild salmon, shellfish, krill – and yes, flamingos) eat. Thus, they reflect their beautiful orange-pink color in their own tissue.

This antioxidant is thousands of times more effective in free-radical “quenching” value than Vitamin E, CoQ10, Beta Carotene, or even Vitamin C.  That is especially true for what is called “singlet oxygen quenching” which is the type of oxidative damage most typically wreaked on the skin from too much sun exposure.” (School of Functional Medicine)

So this means seafood that is wild caught, not farm-raised. Wild salmon is filled with healthy omega 3 fats whereas farmed salmon is filled with hormones and high in Omega 6’s. Krill is another great source of astaxanthin. And guess what? USANA’s BioMega fish oil is made from krill.

Enjoy the sun and the summer!

If you need help with any of this, I’m here to support and guide you. Have a great week. Donna