The most important step toward resetting your gut health

The most important step toward resetting your gut health

Hello beautiful soul!

Today’s quick tip is not likely to surprise you. 

The most important step toward resetting your gut health is:  CUT THE CRAP.

To feel your best, turn your body into a crap-free zone.

Processed foods, junk food and sugar are so tricky.

  • They taste good consistently.
  • They last on your shelf forever.
  • They hit your taste buds just right.
  • They are easy, convenient and cheap to enjoy.
  • They are comforting.

But it is a trick!

Your body does not appreciate the crap!

  • Processed foods are full of preservative, dyes, fillers and additives that ensure consistent look and taste as well as prolonged shelf life. These things are not real food, so your gut is unable to digest them. They only cause harm
  • I do not think that the food companies are trying to harm us. But I do think that they want their food to look and taste the same every single time. And they want it to last as long as possible. Putting chemicals in the food is one way to accomplish these goals. The problem is, those chemicals are not real food and they are not digestible, leaving our bodies full of CRAP.
  • Alcohol and tobacco irritate your gut, no matter how they make you feel at the time.
  • Eating sugar consistently makes it hard for your body to manage your blood sugar, increasing risk of diabetes and weight management problems.

Now some good news!! Your body will respond immediately to a crap reduction program.

More good news!! You have control over what you eat and drink.

The bacteria in your gut are very simple. They are able to change their expression depending on what they are given.

  • Gut bacteria that are given sugar will scream for more sugar. And no amount of willpower is likely to overcome those cravings.
  • Gut bacteria that are given fruits, vegetables, lean protein and fiber will politely ask for more.

When you stop eating processed foods, your gut lining will be able to heal and therefore will be able to digest food, absorb nutrients and hold a strong barrier to toxins entering your bloodstream.

I know that when I stopped drinking Pepsi and eating Nacho Cheese Doritos, Taco Bell and  McDonalds fries with sweet & sour sauce, I started feeling a whole lot better. I had less gas and bloating, fewer headaches and better exercise tolerance. My body was saying THANK YOU!!

How will you Cut The Crap?