Why Chewing Food Thoroughly Promotes Gut Health

Why Chewing Food Thoroughly Promotes Gut Health

As a holistic professional, Constance Jones of Colon Hydrotherapy is dedicated to providing her clients in the Manchester, CT, area with excellent colon cleansing services as well as holistic health recommendations.

People seek out colon hydrotherapy for a lot of different reasons, but primarily because they want to find a safe and gentle method to cleanse their colons. With 35 years of experience in the field, Constance Jones knows that while colonics are one effective way to care for the colon, there are other things people can do to promote gut and colon health. One of them is to thoroughly chew food when eating.

Eating with the intention of proper, methodical chewing has these three gut health advantage

When You Chew Thoroughly, You Absorb Nutrients More Completely

When you chew your food thoroughly, it breaks it down into smaller pieces and becomes easier to digest. It also makes it easier for your intestines to absorb the nutrients from the food and pass waste without obstruction. So, if you want to boost your nutritional intake and ease your digestion, eat with intention.

Smaller Food Particles Equal Less Unhealthy Bacteria

Your stomach may have issues breaking down large food particles, because the stomach’s digestive enzymes cannot adequately do their job before food is pushed into the intestinal track. This results in the undigested food pieces making their way to your intestines. Eventually, this may cause unhealthy bacteria to develop, which you may notice in the form of bloating, constipation, cramping, or diarrhea. Smaller bites can give your digestive enzymes a chance to break down food in the stomach and help you avoid unnecessary harmful bacteria growth along with its side effects.

Lots Of Chewing Helps Your Saliva Do Its Job

When the food you eat is exposed to your saliva, it begins to break down long before it hits your intestines. If you swallow large bites without chewing very much, your saliva doesn’t have the opportunity to begin the process of breaking down fats, which means your stomach and intestines have to do the hard work.

Giving your body the chance to do what it’s supposed to do is a great way to promote digestive health