Top Ways to Eliminate Dandruff

Top Ways to Eliminate Dandruff

Chances are, if you are searching for information about Top ways to Eliminate Dandruff Symptoms, you may have experiences one or more of the following symptoms: itchy, flaky scalp, dry hair, embarrassing fall out on dark clothing. Read more about nutritional support to help get rid of it!


Top ways to Eliminate Dandruff Symptoms

Top ways to eliminate dandruff

Dandruff is usually never the main focus a nutrition clients. Some even forget to mention it as a symptom on their intake form because they forget that it is there after living with it for so long- after all, most people just use head & shoulders and call it a day. Whenever I bring up foods that happen to also help with dandruff, their ears perk up and suddenly nutrition becomes about more than just their top 3 major health goals.
The interesting thing is that dandruff, while appearing to be flaky & dry skin, can actually point to specific nutrient deficiencies or imbalances that can really explain the bigger picture behind those top three goals. Cosmetic signs of deficiency are just as important to pay attention to because they tell a cumulative story about the current status of health and the most pertinent concerns according to your body.

The funny thing is, many people ignore the cosmetic signs or they are the soul driving force of them wanting to be healthier.

I tell all my clients that our body is constantly telling us what’s up, we just need to take the time and learn it’s language. The human body borrows from the extremities first in the case of deficiency because they are far less important than our organs. Cosmetic signs in our hair, skin, nails are not as important as our brains, heart and liver but mainstream commercials tell us to cover those aspects up instead of address the health reasons for why they happen. If we see cosmetic signs of deficiency, we want to pay attention because, remember, those are the first things to show signs of an underlying problem. The biggest goal we should have is to avoid these signs from developing past the point of repair (like organ removal surgeries or major hospitalization).
The tricky part is that we are constantly focusing on aspects of life around us like our busy schedules, the number on a scale, weekend adventures, chores and day to day processes. When our life gets cluttered, we don’t always listen to when our body is speaking up.
In some ways, we aren’t really taught how to keep in check with these processes in the body, but in other ways, we’re just too dang busy to remember to check in with ourselves. The important thing is to integrate regular self check-ins and see how your cosmetic signs and symptoms are progressing along with your major goals. What seems like a simple act of vanity can actually be a mindfulness tool to manage your overall health.
This can help you to target what foods to eat to fuel your body at any given day. Dandruff goes beyond a cosmetic or itchy situation.

Potential deficiencies or imbalances behind dandruff:

Zinc deficiencies
Fat deficiency from low intake or fat malabsorption/poor fat digestion (could be from poor digestive enzyme function, small intestinal damage or dysfunctional gall bladder / gall bladder removal)
Fungal infection like candida
Selenium deficiency
B Vitamin deficiency- Niacin, B6

Game Plan: Top ways to Eliminate Dandruff Symptoms

Foods you want to focus on to help reduce dandruff:

Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, shellfish, fish, chicken, spinach, potato, avocado, oysters, tuna, beef, chocolate, pork, tempeh, chia seeds, flax, seaweed
*make sure you are also consuming/absorbing plenty of fluids. Certain foods can exacerbate symptoms like coffee, alcohol, sugar

Supplements that might help: 

evening primrose, omega 3 complex, B complex, grapefruit seed extract or oregano oil (if it is fungal infection), probiotics, zinc (use gluconate or picolinate if digestion is sensitive)

Topical treatment: 

-Mix bentonite clay into shampoo (this has a high mineral profile and can help in the way that head & shoulders can without the added chemicals or toxins, you can find this in a health food store or in my online supplement shop listed above)
-Use all natural ingredient based shampoos (Be sure to check the ingredients for anything you don't recognize the name of! Check out a few options in my online supplement shop)
-Raspberry vinegar toner for spot treatment on problem areas (use Cocokind, this is much more gentle than apple cider vinegar)
-Pure aloe as spot treatment or mask (I prefer Lily of the Valley or Mountain Rose Herbs- Lily of the Valley is available in my supplement store)
-Grapeseed, evening primrose or argan oil masks before washes (you can easily find this in a health food store or for an affordable price, check out my online supplement shop!)
-Boar bristle hair brush
-Reduce washing to a few days a week/month
-Scalp massage to increase blood flow to skin
-Use a filter shower head
Keep in mind that nutrients rely on one another for proper absorption and function. Many deficiencies can occur if you are already deficient in another nutrient. When you experience dandruff, check for other signs & symptoms you might notice with your body and start tracking the patterns.
To read more about various nutrients, visit my Nutrition Facts page and select the nutrients to review their function and where you can find them.