3 Ways to Tap into Daily Creativity

3 Ways to Tap into Daily Creativity

True or false: Only certain people are creative?

False. Everyone has the capacity to create and in reality, we should be continuously exercising our creativity. When our creativity is blocked, we are cut off to a huge source of energy and inspiration which is why some people believe creativity happens in spurts. Creativity is fundamental when it comes to my practice of 'Energy Therapy'

When free-flowing, creativity allows for us to achieve multiple things simultaneously: it gives us an outlet to express our emotions, boost our confidence and energy levels and tap into the elusive self only accessible by going into the subconscious. 

Here are 3 ways to tap into your creativity everyday:

1.) Stream of conscious1 journaling in the AM (morning pages as referenced in the book, The Artist's Way)

2.) Try something new that gets you out of your comfort zone (from rock-climbing to public speaking)

3.) Observe creativity in action through dance, live music, theatre, opera, comedy or museums


1Stream of consciousness is a practice that guides us to the self through diving into the unknown without expectations via writing.

Ex: "Learning a life lesson is watching the stars at night and dreaming of the sounds they make."

Please comment below with how you tap into your creativity.