Consistency, is it easy or hard for you?

Consistency, is it easy or hard for you?

Consistency, is it easy or hard for you?

This topic has been on mind for a little while now.  Why? Because sometimes I really struggle with being consistent.  My intentions are good, but being consistent in the follow through of my intentions is not always good.

I looked up the definition of consistency.  The first definition I found had to do with food and it’s texture.  Then, I found the definition I was actually thinking about….steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.  Steadfast adherence are the words that pop out at me.  Is unwavering commitment hard for many to follow?  I guess it depends on what it is and if you find value in it.  

Being consistent in things, like eating a clean diet & exercise, comes easy for me.  It may not for others.  I find it easy to be consistent in these things because of how it helps me to feel and move.  However, being consistent in other things, like drinking enough water & time management are not easy for me.  I’m working on it though.  

Consistency requires self-discipline, perseverance and determination.  You have to want it.  

Some areas to be consistent in that are actually quite important:

  1. Health of your body ~ you only get one body to live in (try your best to eat clean and nourishing foods ~ not sure where to begin? Find a health coach)
  2. Self-care ~ This one is the most overlooked area to be consistent with, but being consistent in this area will help you immensely. (breath, relax, go for a walk, go for soft tissue technique bodywork, work with a personal trainer for accountability).
  3. Drink lots of water ~ Do you also struggle with this? It took me a year to switch from diet soda to water over a decade ago!  The goal to shoot for is 80+ oz per day. (if you don’t drink water at all, begin with one glass each day for a week and increase it by one glass each week).
  4. Prayer/Meditation ~ I personally do this almost every morning and it helps me to start my day out right.  Be thankful and grateful for what you have.  A positive start to your day is always beneficial! (Find a quiet spot for reflection and/or reading)

Don’t let something you find difficult to do intimidate you into not being consistent.  Press on, find the value in what you want to be consistent about and make an unwavering commitment to do it.

What are you ready to be consistent with?  I’m ready to be consistent with using my time wisely and drinking more water!