Health Research via Energy Medicine, specifically Body Code System

Hello everyone,
My name is Peter Schalow, born and raised in Switzerland, learned English in Canada, joined IBM in 1966, came to the US in 1994 and retired end of 2001.
My wife, Oly, who passed away in October 2017, was my love and spiritual teacher. She was psychic as a child, blocked in in her youth and got it back, when she got ill at the age of 38.
After being an international lawyer, working for IBM Spain and US for 15 years, she had to take a medical leave and reopened her psychic ability learning about Energy Medicine and QiGong etc.

Instead of returning to IBM, she opened her own practice, helping people around the world, however her issue was, she was not able to heal herself. I did the basic education on Energy Medicine with her and had to watch, how her body terroriated.
In 2014 I learned about the Body Code System from Dr. Bradley Nelson and learning his system and technique, I was able to help my wife releaseing pain and emotional stress, etc.

Since the passed, I kept her practice, working with some of her clients and got some new ones via word or mouth. Now vie Daoclound, I am trying to get additional clients to help release their pain and trapped emotions etc.

Dr. Bradley Nelson's teaching is great: everything is energy, the subonscious knows it all and via testing for YES/NO answers via Kinesiology we are able to releasee blockages via the Governing Meridian! I learned everything he was teaching and got certified in Emotional Code and Body Code Systems.

Now, whenever I read a health article, where the doctors of western medicine say, they don't have a solution or there is no cure, I test with the Body Code System and always find answers. However I usually don't have a client with such an isssue / disease, so I cannot prove my findings.

The beautiful thing with Body Code is, that we can work with clients at a distance with the proxie connections. First, I need to test, if I am able to work with them (being testable), if not I need to instruct them how to release a blockage. Then via a different research about the heart thru Gergg Braden and the HeartMath organisation in Califonria, I check, if the doctor within is active. Sometimes that doctor is blocked, so I am able to release the blockage and that doctor within helps with the healing process of the client.

Besides releasing any kind of pain, alignments, allergies/intolerances, emotional blockages etc. I was able to help an 80 year old man, who had a back surgery and had issues with his left leg and no more feelings in his left foot. His doctors said, well that nerve is dead and with your age, you have to accept the situation. Well I don't belief old age is an issue and a nerve is never dead, it is just blocked somewhere.
I was able to help my client release all the blockages in his leg and foot over several sessions and now is able to get up easily and go walk in the mountains, seraching for crystals which is his passion. This is just one example on how I approach issues.

Now I researched how I could help ALS, Cancer, Dimmentia and Alzheimer clients improve their helth and I think I have a process to improve, even heal such an issue/disease. I imagine a virtual person in the sky / universe and I work on him/her to find the issues via the beautiful Body Code System. So if you are reading my article, have such kind of an issue or know anybody who has such an issue, please contact me and I'll be working with you to improve the situation.

One more thing: whenever I work on an organ, gland or other body part, I check if it is healed 100%. Often I get into the 90%s and Body Code doesn't give me anymore answers, then I check if there are fears hidden in that body part. I have a large table of all kind of fears and resolve fears according to that table and get to 100% health of that body part.

My philosophy is: Live Pain Free, for the rest of your life. We don't need to die with pain, we can leave this wonderful earth when our time is come and leave piecefully with grace.

To your Health, Love & Light,
Peter Schalow