How to Start Improving Your Health… Today!

How to Start Improving Your Health… Today!

The number one way to improve your heath is to balance the stressors in your life.  When most of you think of stress, you probably think about work, paying bills, and taking care of the family. Everything we are exposed to in life is a stressor and when we are exposed to more than we can handle, we have stress.  Sun, sleep, food, exercise, emotions, light, electrical energy, lack of water, relationships, and work, are all examples of stressors.

Let me give you a few examples of stressors and how they can cause stress to your body.  Sun is a stressor.  If we expose ourselves to the sun for a number of short periods of time we will develop a tan.  The tan gives our body the ability to handle more of the stressor so our body doesn’t become overwhelmed.  If we spend too much time outside all at once we burn.  This is stress on the body. The level of vitamins in the body is reduced and the immune system goes to work repairing damaged skin and other cells.

Pressure at work is a stressor.  A business executive, who is bombarded with meeting near impossible deadlines and is successful at doing so, has built up a high level of stress tolerance. When they go on vacation they have a difficult time relaxing because they have become so accustomed to high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, in their body.  Now, if you give that same person more stress than they can handle, they will become overloaded and will need some stress relief such as exercise or time away.

Watching television is a stressor.  When you watch TV you are not accomplishing other things that you want or need to accomplish.  This adds mental stress to the body.  You are also exposing yourself to the electrical energy of the TV.  The human body has an electrical field and it needs to maintain it.  Electronic devices give off an electromagnetic field with different wavelengths and our body has to fight to maintain its own rhythm.  The bright flickering light from the TV is also a stressor.  Bright lights stimulate the release of cortisol in the body.  Cortisol is a “wake up hormone” that doesn’t allow the body to rest properly.  Even when you are sleeping with the TV on, your cortisol levels are higher, not allowing your body to repair from the day’s stresses.

Exercise is a stressor.  An Olympic athlete is accustomed to a certain amount of exercise each day. When they don’t exercise enough they feel sluggish and tired because their body has not released enough energy.  A person starting an intensive exercise program that has not exercised in a while will oftentimes overdo the exercise and normally one of two things happen:  they will become sick, or they may injure themselves.  It is the immune system’s job to repair the body while you sleep.  If you are breaking down more tissue than your body can repair in one day, the immune system will become overloaded and be susceptible to colds and/or injuries.  This is just a small example of the stressors you may experience.

All stressors affect your immune system, which is your defense against all stressors.  Your immune system repairs every part of your body.  If you cut your hand your immune system replaces cells to fix the skin.  If you fall and bruise your ribs, your immune system helps take the fluid away and replaces the damaged cells.  Your body replaces millions of cells every minute.  Your immune system does all of the hard work at night while you are asleep, and it has a priority list of repairs to make.  The immune system repairs things for survival first, then works on daily function systems. The physical body is repaired primarily between 10pm and 2am, and the mental body becomes restored from 2am to 6am.  If you regularly miss sleep or don’t prepare your body for sleep by consuming caffeine or exposing yourself to electromagnetic wavelengths, the immune system is unable to do its repair work.  This will cause a number of health problems:  physical injuries from a lack of tissue repair; catching a cold because your immune system is overloaded; mental fog, and/or fatigue.

You can build a strong immune system to deal with the stressors in your life.  Giving your immune system what it needs to repair your body will make you stronger.  The immune system requires a sufficient amount of water that is free of chemicals, a balanced nutrition plan for your genetic makeup, quality exercise that stimulates organ function, quality sleep, and some happy emotions.  All the cells in your body are made from water, quality proteins, and quality fats. Processed and fast foods contain proteins and fats that have been altered in order to have a longer shelf life.  If the body doesn’t have a choice and is forced to make cells with this poor quality material, the cells will also be of poor quality and won’t function very well.  Sometimes these poor quality cells will even perform their given jobs incorrectly.  If some cells are not doing their share of the work others have to try and make up for the weak cells.  This causes the over-worked strong cells to die early.  With your body creating millions of cells every minute, it is only a matter of time before you start experiencing health difficulties.  Your immune system will try to tell you something is wrong in a variety of ways – you may develop a skin rash, add some body fat, or you may experience pain in your feet.  Your body is just trying to get your attention.  If you ignore these warning signals more health problems will arise.

The good news is you can reverse all of this.  All the cells in your body are replaced over a seven-year period of time.  The longer you balance your stressors, eat high quality foods, drink water that is free of chemicals, and sleep well, the better your body will work for you.  There was a time I thought I was pretty healthy, and I ignored some of my body’s warning signs.  Then I was taught how to take care of my body and now I feel 20 again.  I teach others how to do this so they can feel better and be more productive.  It is actually easy – you just need to be taught how to become aware of the subtle signs from your body.

How do you balance your stressors?