Well-Being is not Well-Doing

Well-Being is not Well-Doing

Well-being means to be more in alignment with the self where your true sense of well-being originates, and how to live more in harmony with that.

Well-Being is not Well-Doing - It's a daily practice to live life in alignment with our authentic self.

Dis-ease comes from being out of harmony with your life force.

Make today important in your life, make this day the one that you feel good inside your skin.

Why not choose to pay attention to the nudges that are operating in us, about what you should say yes to and what you should say no to. What you decide about what someone else thinks you should say yes or no to.

Equally important - to name a few; rest - renew - restore - release - and refocus are vital components to a healthy lifestyle.

Create your vision of radiant health and well-being. Make one new conscious, healthy choice for health and well-being each day.

How can I practice being in alliance with that voice in me that guides me to my greater good, and guides me to one new healthy choice a day — to help me rediscover aliveness?

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