Why Practice Mindful Movement

Why Practice Mindful Movement
Why is mindful movement such a key element to living a creative, healthy and authentically empowered life
Because all change comes from the movement of our mind directing the movement of our body.

At first glance it appears that our physical bodies have continually forged ahead over the years replacing and regenerating cells without any conscious effort or intention on our part. But it is important to realize thatevery choice we make in our day-to-day life - how we move, what we eat, how we prioritize our thoughts, how we process our emotions – has been a constant influence on our ever-changing living body – our soma. Even when we don’t make a conscious choice to move in a certain way we are, by default, acting and moving in a way that influences our body.

By the practice of noticing what we are feeling, where in our body we are feeling it and how
That feeling affects our sense of balance and identity  we become aware of our own patterns of
Showing up in our lives. This awareness opens up the possibility of choosing different ways of
Thinking and moving within our body-mind relationship that assist us in taking supportive,
Loving action in the direction we choose to go.
To successfully navigate in our lives we practice being aware of how our mind is moving in relationship to our body.

Thoughts and  feelings continually interact within our physical body. If our emotions and thought-forms are not allowed to flow, energy builds up with no outlet and gets “stuck” in the body causing congestion, imbalance and limiting “movement habits”. Often the original cause of the “stuck energy” is unconscious; however, we can release the pressure of the stuck energy through mind-body awareness, conscious breathing and mindful movement to repattern the neuropathways in our brain

In conclusion:

When we desire to make a change in our behavior it is important to support the process through the action of our physical body. Just sitting and thinking about change can be somewhat helpful, but in itself this does not fully accomplish transitioning out of old behaviors into new ones. In order to change we must take action, we must “move. If we first identify how our past and current actions have been both supportive and unsupportive, we can then choose to use our body in new ways to expand the perception of our experience. We can choose to move mindfully in a new, more supportive way.


Question:   what loving action  will support me in this moment?